Tuesday, 2 July 2013


 ...Or "Oh To Be Young Again!"

You know what I can’t stand? When people say “oh, to be young again.” Remember what it was like to be under 18? Remember what it was like to be, oh even 20? I do. I hated it. It kind of sucked. I couldn’t wait to be older. Then when I was older, I couldn’t wait to be older again, because the older I was the further away from being young and awkward I would be. Little did I know the awkward didn't leave with age. Oh well. I had a unique way of looking at things. Whatever. You read the blog, you already know that. You love it. 

You're under 25 now? Love it or hate it, it gets even better. It gets amazing. Just saying. Read on...

You know what one of my least favourite things about being that young was? Gigs. I had so many bands and musicians I loved and so many of them played 18+ venues. Everything music was awesome, but everything seemed to be set up for people over 18, with lots of cash. Why oh why? I loved music as much as, if not more than someone older than me (I probably still do).  


You know what I’m jealous of? People who are under 18 now. People who are between say, 15 and 25 and live in the place I grew up, Brisbane. Fans of music who are between 15 and 25 and live in (or near or far from) Brisbane; listen up! I present to you something fabulous! 

Welcome to Little BIGSOUND!!!!!  

You recognise that name, because it’s a close relation to BIGSOUND, the massive and awesome music extravaganza that happens across Brisbane in September, but this one is just as impressive and you don't have to wait long for it. It’s a one day forum of all things music for creative youth who have dreams of working in and breaking into the music industry.  What that means is every aspect of the industry – we’re talking event and tour management, songwriting, marketing and social media, photography and videos and all sorts of career paths you never knew existed. Your fave band? There’s a whole heap of people involved in getting them to play that gig at that venue you've not been to yet.

The most exciting part of this year’s Little BIGSOUND are the people involved; for the first time ever I kind of wish I was under 25. I’m talking Jon Coghill from Powderfinger, Patience Hodgson from The Grates (who is also amazing barista and all round nice gal from The Southside Tea Room), Zoe Davis from Cub Scouts, Kahl Wallace and Jindhu Lawrie from The Medics and Seja Vogel from Seja and Regurgitator, among others. 

Not into the actual music making part? Well then you should be listening to Sharna Krikku from the Caloundra Music Festival, Mark Picco from the Big Pineapple Festival, Dom Miller from Bluebeard Music (they’re the impressive peeps who look after It’s My Kind Of Scene faves Texas Tea) or maybe a guy from BigSound itself;  Graham Ashton. 

Then when you think it can’t get better, there’s actual live music to see. I know right? This year it’s Stephen Smith, Hannah Karydas and Keep On Dancin's as well as others. 

You’re interested. I know you are and if you’re over 25 you’re jealous. Right then, the deets. They are this: 

When? Friday, July 12

Where? The Edge, Stanley Place, Cultural Centre, Southbank.

Tickets? We’ve made this one easy for you. They're here.

You know what I can’t stand? Being over 25 when something uber cool is designed for people younger than me.

“Oh to be young again…!”



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