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New Music Monday #58

Dames EP
by Molly Contogeorge (out now)

Molly Contogeorge follows up 2011's Glasshouse Living with a slightly wilder outlook on Dames, an EP that finds her sitting pretty alongside the likes of Gin Wigmore and Clairy Browne. Taking on the role of femme fatale in 'Bang, Bang!' we're treated to Contogeorge's most engaging track yet. The piano line holds a sense of danger that becomes the perfect foil for the sweet and soulful voice singing about how you shot a bullet into your own head. "I didn't do it, I didn't do it, I didn't do what you did to yourself," is her line of defense before she throws down (with a whole bunch of attitude) that, "the truth of the matter is I don't know who the real shooter is." 

Contogeorge develops a taste for a 'Bad Boy' on the second song, that seemingly balances pop, jazz and an excellent RnB-ish bridge. A 60s girl group inspired ending which sees the word 'bad' constantly repeated in the background as our starlet breaks it down and shows off her vocal range is Dames' standout moment. We arrive at the ballad 'Brother' (written by Contogeorge's mother, Catherine McSoriley), which offers us a welcome moment to catch our breath and focus our attention on just how enjoyable Contogeorge's voice really is. Despite her young age, she confidently sells the emotion the lyrics would evoke in writing. "Age has passed since I saw you last, I can see that you've grown in the time on your own." 

We arrive at the final number and it's the title track, 'Dames'. Immediately grabbing your attention with a simple piano motif and the line, "shrinking violets never looked so good, they never looked as good as her." 'Dames' is full of snappy lyrics that had me coming back for more to make sure I caught them all. Contogeorge will receive a lot of deserved attention for her voice and the music, but she deserves applause for showing she continues to grow as a songwriter too. Much like Glasshouse Living, the Dames EP tells us that Molly Contogeorge has a bright future ahead. Her sound is different, but not alienating. Just because the music is quite 'smart' doesn't mean there aren't catchy pop hooks and lyrics to sing along to. There are. And they're pretty awesome. Also, we might have to look into bringing in a special award at the end of the year for 'Best Cover Art.' That Dames image cracks me up every time! 

Matt Bond gives the Dames EP four Shirley Manson heads out of five...   

Tennis Court
by Lorde
EP: The Love Club (out now)


'Tennis Court' is the hotly anticipated single from Kiwi sensation Lorde. After the success of chart topper 'Royals' I was excited to see what would follow. Suffice to say I'm still in love with Lorde.
'Tennis Court' proves that Lorde has staying power. And although I will admit it doesn't drive me to obsession like 'Royals' did, it's still an incredibly catchy song. 

The video clip is hypotonic, although initially I felt afraid. Lorde stares into the camera only saying 'yeah' at points throughout the song. Personally I find it refreshing to see a clip without booty shaking hos in every frame.

My own personal test of a song is whether or not it makes me nod my head. Did 'Tennis Court' pass the nod test? You betcha! There was even a little shoulder popping.

Katie Langley gives 'Tennis Court' four Lady Gaga heads out of five... 

Glitter And Gold
by Little Daylight
EP: Tunnel Vision (August, 2013)


Little Daylight are two guys and a girl from Brooklyn who are creating all sorts of hype amongst people who like to talk about music. We like to talk about music, so let's add to that. They feature on our top 25 this week and their track 'Glitter And Gold' proves why there's so much hype; it's adorable, full of addictive synths and catchy beats. It's electro pop with a smile, a song I can't help but bounce along to. Little Daylight is a name you're going to have to get used to hearing, with their debut EP to be released in August, if all their tracks are this gorgeous, the hype is going to quickly turn into lots and lots of fans. I'm already one of them.

Jo Michelmore gives 'Glitter And Gold' four Lady Gaga heads out of five...

Bind Me

While we're on the talking about 'hype', let me introduce you to ETML, an 18 year old Londoner who seems to have impressed a lot of people on the magical world of the internet recently. His track 'Bind Me' is four minutes of what one would label electro/house/garage, but labels are so boring, let's put this in real life situations. You're either going to consider it cafe music to be played while you're waiting for your coffee at your favourite caffeine dispensing outlet or you're going to absolutely love it, probably download it and dance, lots. Me? I can see it sitting in either part of my life, I do love coffee but I also like to dance every now and then, so it fits nicely. 

As for the clip, it's something you'll want to watch the entire way through because there's going to be someone you know who dances like someone in there (for me, I'm sure I could know the guy in front of The Clash poster). 'Bind Me' is not life changing, but it's a nice piece of electro goodness that is more than welcome in my collection.

Jo Michelmore gives 'Bind Me' three Kylie heads out of five... 

St Clarity
by The Paper Kites
Album: States (August, 2013)


The Paper Kites have developed a dedicated following over the past couple of years. Their ethereal and calming music makes you feel like you're in a beautiful dream that you never want to end. That hasn't changed on 'St Clarity', the first single to be lifted from their upcoming debut album States. Existing somewhere in the middle of overwhelming joy and crushing heartbreak, here we have a song that puts you under a near four minutes spell. Each time I listen to 'St Clarity' I feel like I get just that little bit more lost in it. I honestly don't see how anyone will be able to resist its charms, especially when watching director Natasha Pincus' uplifting/engrossing/tearjerk-ing clip that accompanies the track. The Paper Kites are elevating themselves to another level with 'St Clarity'. Consider this a sure thing for end of year charts the world over. And here's hoping (like their track 'Featherstone) they get some more Grey's Anatomy exposure. This is exactly the kind of song I can see myself crying to while Dr. Bailey delivers a deeply personal/highly inappropriate-for-a-doctor monologue/breakdown scene. 

Matt Bond gives 'St Clarity' five Nick Cave heads out of five...

What You Want
by Haarlo
EP: Dreamlands (July, 2013) 

‘What You Want’ is a new track released by Australian “Dream-pop” duo, Haarlo. I don’t know what dream-pop is exactly, though it sounds an awful lot like some of my fave electronica/trip-hop acts hailing from the nineties (think Supreme Beings Of Leisure, Thievery Corporation). If your thing is soulful, smoldering vocals and tight production that simply glides, then ‘What You Want’ is a plate serving smooth, silky, dark, down-tempo goodness. It’s probably just me but these sweet, laid back tunes make me want to break into some sexy interpretive dance, draped in black chiffon.

Haarlo are multi-instrumentalist and producer Jono Steer and vocalist/co-writer Stacey Gardiner who conspire to create the sparse, dreamy, beat heavy arrangements of ‘What You Want’ with Gardiner's vocals soaring high and landing light. I know I’m onto something good when music gives me full body chills. Haarlo,  I’ll be watching you.

Nayt Housman gives 'What You Want' four Roisin Murphy heads out of five...

Keep an eye and ear out for Haarlo’s first EP Dreamlands being launched 11 July 2013 - the Northcote social club, Melbourne. 


Bring The Noize
by M.I.A
Album: Matangi (TBA, 2013)


I love 'Bring The Noize'. Love it. It's not just that it's good, catchy music... it's kinda dangerous and she's rapping like a maniac and just saying f*ck you to everyone. And I like that. In a visual capacity, following in the footsteps of 'Bad Girls' (It's My Kind of Scene Video of the Year, 2012) was going to be no easy feat. M.I.A steps up to the plate and knocks another one out of the park. She's got a knack for creating clips that perfectly match the tone of the music, making the listening experience even better. Girl looks good with pink hair too. M.I.A cops a lot of criticism for not playing within the expected confinements of today's female rapper. Look at the YouTube comments (for your daily reminder that people are just the worst) and see the constant comparisons to Nicki Minaj (ha!). The bestest music is a reaction to the world around the artist. M.I.A tends to extend her vision a little further than most; an easy feat I suppose, given the close proximity to war throughout her young pre-London life. The video blends hip hop and dance with the reality of war. 'Bring The Noize' delivers the goods. It's not quite as excellent as 'Bad Girls', but hey... there's still some time left in 2013 and this is only our second taste of Matangi. Bring more noise! 

Matt Bond gives the video for Bring The Noize four Missy Elliott heads out of five... 

by Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Album: Mosquito (out now)


I want to write a thousand words about this clip and this song, about the meanings behind the imagery and the story of the Yeah Yeah Yeah's. I want to write a thousand words about the lyrics that mean so much and I know are going to remain some of my favourites of all time. I want to write a thousand words about how I wish I was Karen O the rockstar, how I wish I was as talented as Nick Zinner or lived the musician's lifestyle of Brian Chase. I want to write a thousand words about the intensity of this clip perfectly matching the power of the song. I want to write a thousand words...but ultimately, my words don't mean much. This is a clip you need to see yourself. You'll either get it or you won't. I want to write a thousand words about how some clips you get and some songs get you, but a thousand words can't begin to describe this clip, or this song. Only one really works for me. Love.

Jo Michelmore gives 'Despair' five Karen O heads out of five...

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