Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Queensland Music Awards 2013: Preview and Predictions

Hey there. You're looking for a little weekday holiday to Brisbane in August, aren't you? Of course you are. I'm going to run with the assumption that you're a fan of music one would deem to be 'most excellent' as well, given that this is a music blog. So August 13, 2013... you might as well head to Queensland music's night of nights... the Queensland Music Awards! Acts like Emma Louise, Texas Tea and Ball Park Music are vying for awards which will be handed out in one of Brisbane's finest live music venues, The Tivoli. You'll also be able to enjoy performances from some of the most talented emerging Queensland artists like The Jungle Giants, The Trouble With Templeton, Seja and Thelma Plum. Best of all, it only costs $30 if you're not a QMusic member. You're ready to buy some tickets? Well head on over to Oztix now, my friends!

Since I'm a big fan of predicting who'll walk away a winner at these sorts of events, I thought I'd share my picks for some of the big awards, while also giving you a chance to enjoy some amazing Queensland music. I should also mention that my win/loss record for predictions isn't that great... but that's neither here nor there. Right?

A Guessing Game
by Matt Bond

Category: ROCK!
 'Shepherd And The Sheep' by Alan Boyle
'Pilot' by Fushia
'Six Months In A Cast' by The Trouble With Templeton
'Neighbour Neighbour' by Violent Soho

I Choose You: 'Six Months In A Cast' by The Trouble With Templeton

The Trouble With Templeton have had a good year and it looks like it will only get better with the release of the new album, Rookie (and hopefully a shiny QMA or two). 'Six Months In A Cast' has been embraced by triple J, 4zzz and it came in at #93 on our own list of the top songs of 2012. 

Category: POP!
'Come on. Stand out.' by 7bit Hero
'Surrender' by Ball Park Music
'C'mon' by Seja
'Around Here' by Thelma Plum

I Choose You: 'Around Here' by Thelma Plum

Really, you'd be happy with a win for any of these nominees, but it's Thelma Plum's 'Around Here' that has all the hallmarks of a great 'pop' song. It's catchy as anything, with a hook that will stay in your head for forever and a day. And you never get sick of it. You can singalong, dance around and brighten your day with just one listen. But one listen is never quite enough... 

Emma Louise
Katie Noonan
The Trouble With Templeton

I Choose You: Emma Louise

She had a song on Grey's Anatomy. Check and mate.  

Museum by Ball Park Music
Vs Head Vs Heart by Emma Louise
Sad Summer Hits by Texas Tea
Come Up Invisible by WE ALL WANT TO

I Choose You: Sad Summer Hits by Texas Tea

Come on Texas Tea! Look, I love Ball Park Music and Emma Louise as much as the next music fan and WE ALL WANT TO... I have to admit I've just heard you and you sound great and I'm going to look into you more... but, Texas Tea have one of the best albums of all time. All time! If they don't get it, someone's gon' have to go all Kanye up in the Queensland Music Awards. 

For more information on the Queensland Music Awards as well as a full rundown of nominees, head on over to the QMA website.

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