Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The K-Tizzle Sizzle - Who Knew...

Public transport + Pink fans = K-Tizz Sizzling.

...I disliked Pink So Much
by Katie Langley

 I have the absolute pleasure and delight (may be an exaggeration) to share my train station stop with the Brisbane Entertainment Centre. Most of the time, this isn't a problem. In fact, it actually works out quite well for me when a big name act comes to town. It's not far to walk and I manage to avoid the painful car park experience at the end of the evening. Winning!

The creeper in me also loves people watching. There's never a dull moment on the train the night of a concert....


What have I learnt about Nickelback fans? They're grubs (may be a broad sweeping generalisation). I came across a fan pissing right near where I'd parked my car at the station. Charming. No, I don't like your pants around your feet.


What have I learnt about Tyler the Creator fans? They think that 360 is a "scum c**t" (definitely a broad sweeping generalisation). I overheard that gem from three 15 year old boys who went on to say that they think 360 has sold out. But they're all very impressed with Tyler the Creator's new album. Apparently it's about people like getting pregnant and like drinking and shit. Profound.


What have I learnt about Mötley Crüe fans? They like to party (may not be a broad sweeping generalisation). I found some leather clad lovers sucking face on the bonnet of a car, swigging Vodka from the bottle when they came up for air.


What have I learnt about Pink fans? They're angry and slutty (may be a broad sweeping generalisation). As I looked around the train carriage on Friday evening I couldn't help but notice the increase in women in offensively short, tight and pink clothing. "Have Queensland Rail introduced a carriage for hookers?" I wondered. As if she read my mind a woman yelled "let's pretend we're pole dancing" and proceeded to swing around the carriage. Someone then screamed "let's turn on some music to get us in the mood". When "Get The Party Started" began booming it all became clear... They were going to the Pink concert.

I figured the novelty may wear off after 5 minutes. Wrong. As I tried to block out the bad karaoke I heard a fellow passenger announce "I can't take it any more". He started clambering over people, in the direction of the sluts. Sorry, Pink fans.

As he approached the group he demanded to know who was playing the music. The perpetrators remained silent. The man asked if the music could please be turned down. The mob became angry yelling "this isn't the quiet carriage!" as they cranked up the volume. Fail.

The bad news? Pink is performing 45 tour dates across the country! The good news? This means there is potential for further judgement and sizzling.

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