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Where Is My Mind? - The Benefits Of Being A Blogger

I know Thom, I felt the same when youtube took me to Coldplay.

The Benefits Of Being A Blogger
by Jo Michelmore

There's a lot of great things about writing a blog and more specifically writing for a music blog. I mean, there's all the freebies* that get passed my way everyday, there's all the great gigs I get to go to for nothing** and most of all there's the fame*** and the adoration**** from the readers*****. I just love getting stopped in the street****** and being told someone really loved what I wrote or I changed someone's life in a positive way.

These things may or may not happen, but I do love writing for a music blog because it's a reeeeeeeeally good excuse to listen to all sorts of music at all hours of the day and night and blame it on the blog.

My housemate doesn't like Salt 'N Pepa circa 1990?

"Oh, sorry, just researching something for the blog."
Three hours in front of youtube watching Radiohead clips?

"Oh sorry, just researching something for the blog."

Yep, writing for a music blog definitely has it's benefits. Like last week, when we left off on R.E.M.'s 'Everybody Hurts', the clip ends with images of traffic stopped on a road without explanation which reminded me of one of my favourite clips of all time and also one of my favourite bands of all time; Radiohead. Now I write for a music blog, so that meant this week I got to sit in front of the youtubes and do that thing that we've all been guilty of and pretend I had a good excuse to do it. You know you've done it, we've all done it. You're watching one thing and that leads to another which leads to another and then it's suddenly 2am and you have to be at work at sunrise. I have a friend who started with some Garbage clips which took him to garbage trucks and I know he's watched many hours of clips of many varities of waste disposal vehicles (probably in between other unsavoury things but that's a whole other story). Watch where Radiohead took me this week...



Damn, how good are Radiohead? REM took me to Radiohead and my favourite Radiohead clip of all time. This one speaks volumes to me. I imagine if Thom Yorke hadn't found music this is the kind of thing he would have done. I can see him now, his cute little face on the pavement and I have dreams of one day doing exactly this. Just stopping and lying down. You think I'm joking, don't you? One day there'll be a footpath and there you'll find me, having a little lie down, watching the world go by....then I'll remember there's something on youtube I meant to watch and I'll get up and go home again.

Black Hole Sun

So there was Radiohead and what should appear on the right hand side of my monitor? 'Black Hole Sun'. Why youtube associated 'Just' with the weird concepts in this clip is a complete mystery to me. It was just there, on the side of my screen. Chris Cornell? Thom Yorke? What? I'm not going to complain, because this was actually a really weird and great clip. Watching this reminded me of Soundgarden's guitarist, Kym Thayill. How old is he? He looked like he was 50 in the 90's and he was rocking strong then, so how old is he now? I suppose I should have taken my job as a blog writer more seriously and answered that question for you via the googles, but I was busy seeing where youtube took me next...

Bon Jovi 


Well, youtube does come up with some strange suggestions, doesn't it? 'Black Hole Sun', a song about, well, nothing leads to a Bon Jovi ballad? I don't know what youtube is thinking, although I know it would have something to do with record companies and advertising and other boring things, but I dare not question them. What I do know is that I know someone who adores Jon Bon Jovi, so I dare not say anything negative about him. She may even still have Bon Jovi posters from her childhood, somewhere in her house (she does). I don't think they are on a wall anymore, but I haven't seen every room in her house, so who's to say? I also know someone (who may or may not write on this blog******) who kills a Bon Jovi song at karaoke and by kills I mean smashes and by smashes I mean sings it real good like. Yep. Unfortunately though, Bon Jovi took me somewhere I wasn't prepared to go and this is where youtube betrayed and also rewarded me.

The Scientist


See? This is where my wasted hours stopped. Coldplay. They're just not my cup of tea and by the time I got to Coldplay my tea was cold so it was time to get up and boil the kettle again anyway. Youtube, thank you for successfully wasting more of my time than I ever needed wasted, but I suppose I should also thank you for handing me Coldplay. Without Chris Martin and friends, I could have spent another couple of hours in front of the laptop and we all know I have to be up for work at sunrise, because even though the blogging provides me with such amazing benefits********, I've still got to have a day job. Sigh. Such is the life of the music blogger. The question is, where has youtube taken you and where will Coldplay take us next week? Somewhere much more pleasant (with less astrerisks) one hopes.

* I don't get freebies or I at least don't get many of them. Perhaps my editor is hiding them from me.

** Nothing = whatever the ticket or door price is, mostly.

*** I'm not famous

**** Adoration = "oh I didn't read that this week"

***** Readers = hi Mum! Oh, also hi Matt's Mum and hi Katie's Mum as well. Please keep reading.

****** People only ever stop me in the street to ask me to give money to Greenpeace or the WWF or to straigthen my hair or sell me cosmetics...or something. No. No to all of them.

******* Does write on this blog. Hi editor!

******** Benefits = I'm not 100% sure what they are, but I do like writing about silly things every week and having someone/anyone read them. That means you. Well done for getting to the end of the post.

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