Thursday, 25 July 2013

Where Is My Mind? - The Dark-Mustard-Velveteen-Long-Sleeve-Top Wearer

You're allowed to judge a book by it's strange neck attire though, right?

Or Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover (Sometimes)
by Jo Michelmore

Sometimes sayings are an important part of life. They become common sayings for a reason, because they're true. I thought of one this week, one I'm not a big fan of;

'Don't judge a book by it's cover'

Yeah, it's kind of a stupid one, but one that sometimes rings true. I mean, Jack Kerouac's 'On The Road' with a plain maroon cover like the one I own doesn't even begin to tell of the incredible journey inside. Not into the beat generation? Well, let's talk The Beatles 'White Album'. It sold over 20 million copies and contains one of my fave Beatles tracks. Judge that one by it's plain white cover and it would have been lucky to sell 20 copies.

This week I met someone who immediately made that saying circle my brain from the moment I saw him. "Don't judge a book by it's cover" I kept repeating like a mantra, over and over. Maybe he's alright, just give him a chance. Don't judge his ill-fitting-suit-too-short-tie-and-poor-footwear choice. Maybe his voice isn't an indication of his attitude, he might just be loud, not loud AND arrogant. "Don't judge a book by it's cover", this saying came into my mind again when figuring out where my mind was this week.

Last week we left off on Coldplay's 'The Scientist', a clip famous for it's reverse narrative style, showing shots of Chris Martin wandering through an urban street scape into various other situations. This reminded me of a Kylie clip I could watch over and over and over.


I love this one, there's so many bits to see and every time I watch it I pick up on something a teeny bit different from the last time. The fact I love it and the song so much made me question who wrote it. How intruiged I was when I found out it was this person...


Cathy Dennis. D-Mob. Now, I have no idea who they were or what happened to D-Mob, but can someone look at Cathy Dennis please? Do you see that? I know it was the late 80's and that was a very strange time in fashion, but what is that? Cathy, what are you wearing? I don't even know how to decribe that colour. What is it? Browny-gold? Goldy-brown? Mustard? Dark mustard? You have red hair Ms Dennis and you wore a dark-mustard-velveteen-long-sleeve-top, leggings and something that may have dropped off a car engine around your neck. Ms Dennis, it looks like someone threw up on you and you just wandered into the studio like that.

This is where I learnt my lesson about judging books by their mustard velveteen covers. You see, when I did a little research into Ms Cathy Dennis, I realised she was not only responsible for Kylie's  'Come Into My World', she was responsible for this...


Probably my favourite Britney Spears song and most definitely my fave Britney clip, that dark-mustard-long-sleeve-velveteen-top wearer was the one who co-wrote the song that contains the lines 

"Baby, can’t you see
I’m calling
A guy like you
Should wear a warning
It’s dangerous
I’m fallin’"

That's pop magic that is. You know you know those lines even if you don't like Britney. I thought pop couldn't get better, but then I found out Cathy Dennis, the dark-mustard-long-sleeve-velveteen-top wearer also wrote this...


Now look, I'm not going to say this is the best pop song ever written and believe me, I've done a fair bit of judging Katy Perry's book by her cover, but this song is pretty darn catchy. That dark-mustard-long-sleeve-velveteen-top wearer has obviously spent more time in her life writing songs than worrying about her wardrobe but I have to congratulation someone who managed to include the words 'cherry chapstick' in a song. That's weird and awesome. You know what's even weirder though? The dark-mustard-long-sleeve-velveteen-top wearer is responsible for something I know you'll know but not realise you know it...


I know, right? The Idol theme song. One of the most annoying theme songs on television. Perhaps she took her inspiration from her dark-mustard-long-sleeve-velveteen-top as the most annoying piece of clothing she ever wore. Because I'm a nice blogger and I dare not leave that song as the last one in your head this week, I present to you one more pop song that Cathy Dennis was responsible for and it's one that a very good friend of mine (and someone you might have seen on the right hand side of your monitor - Hi Nayt!) is going to love...


See? The Sugababes as well. That dark-mustard-long-sleeve-velveteen-top wearer has been responsible for some awesome pop music and I've actually only mentioned a couple. I'm sorry I judged your dark-mustard-long-sleeve-velveteen-top Ms Dennis, you're actually alright.

The thing about sayings though, is that sometimes you need to ignore them. The guy I met this week? Yeah, he was a jerk. He was as much of a jerk as his ill-fitting-suit-too-short-tie-and-poor-footwear cover seemed, if not more. Old sayings, hey? Who needs them.

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