Thursday, 11 July 2013

Where Is My Mind? - Welcome To My Soundtrack, Baldy

I know Michael, you being in my soundtrack is as painful to me as it is to you...

Two Bald Guys And One Girl
by Jo Michelmore

Ah, the week that has been. This one was interesting. It involved, among other things; a plane ride, an amazing couple of friends, op shopping (including some awesome purchases - hello new 50 cent rings, how did I ever live without you?) and there may also have been some beverages and chocolate. That's another week in the life of Jo. So where is my mind this week? This week I've been thinking about my life soundtrack because among all of those things, my soundtrack did something great. Things moved around and got changed and I love it when that happens. It started with a bald guy...

Last week we left on Cee Lo Green, that little bald guy who is not my favourite singer in the world but he did bring me to this week thinking about another bald guy; Billy Corgan. 

Tonight Tonight - 1996
by Smashing Pumpkins


Billy first appeared in my soundtrack years ago, because the album this track comes from was, at one stage, one of my favourites. Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness is still one of my favourite album titles. I love that collection of words. This song? Love or hate Billy and friends, there's no denying the beauty in this. The strings, the lyrics, the journey, I still love it.

'Tonight Tonight' first appeared in the soundtrack years ago, when I originally discovered the Smashing Pumpkins. Until recently, it used to conjure up images of late nights, long conversations and old friendships but something changed. Billy moved himself around in my memories. I saw the Smashing Pumpkins at Splendour In The Grass last year and when they played I remember standing ankle deep in mud, staring at that unattractive, bald man and texting one of my beautiful friends who sings a  Smashing Pumpkins song or two at karaoke. I told my friend that Billy Corgan sounded alright, but my friend was better, because well, he is (that's a whole other post though). The important part is that where a song once took me to long nights many years ago, now it appears again; in tiny dark rooms full of friends and one particular muddy, cold night in 2012. 

Which takes my mind to another bald guy, whose place in my soundtrack is thankfully not large, but important nonetheless.

Everybody Hurts - 1992
by R.E.M.


Michael Stipe of REM. You strange bald man. The song, although I think its intentions were good, is possibly one of the most annoying songs, like, ever. Everybody hurts? Yes, but that doesn't help when you're hurting, does it? Who cares if everyone else is hurting, what about me? If I smash my elbow against a hard surface, I don't particularly care who else has done it too. Just let me curse and get me some goddamn ice.  

This song changed its spot in my soundtrack recently too. While once receiving the title of just being annoying, now it has a position as one of the best. Visiting a friend on the weekend, something happened to make me a little upset. There may or may not have been tears. How did my friend react? In the best way best friends do and in a way only he could; he simply said, "it's ok" and sang 'Everybody Hurts' in the most amusing, ridiculing way....causing me to laugh slightly hysterically and maybe cry a little bit more from laughing. That's exactly what a good friend would do. Only the best of friends can simultaneously mock old baldy Michael Stipe and me at exactly the same time and somehow not offend me when I’m upset, but make me laugh right when I should. You know who you are friend and one day I shall repay the favour, with a song just as bad and just as amusing, maybe by Maroon 5 or Nickelback or better yet, something by Jewel. You'll love it and you’re welcome. 

This means Michael Stipe has joined my soundtrack and although I didn’t particularly want him, we don’t always get to pick who or what appears. That’s what makes them our own and makes them amazing. 

Who’s to say who will appear next? Who’s to say where my mind will travel next? You can never tell, I'll just take it week by week, thanks.

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