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Gay Paris - BIGSOUND Live 2013 Feature Artist

Gay Paris are coming to BIGSOUND. They're going to rock. They're going to roll. They're probably going to remove various items of clothing (theirs and yours) and they're more than likely going to party harder than any other BIGSOUND act. 2013 has been a big year already for Gay Paris (aka Wailan H Monks, Blacktooth Marks, Six Guns Simpson and Slim Pickins Podmore) with their sophomore album, The Last Good Party, earning rave reviews. And the heart of a certain K-Tizzle who likes to sizzle. 

Like Thelma Plum and Gossling, Gay Paris were awesome enough to take the time to have a little virtual chit-chat with Katie about what fans can expect from them when they takeover BIGSOUND Live, awesome parties, music clip and Ke$ha. Yes. Ke$ha. And don't forget, tickets are on-sale now for BIGSOUND Live, the best two nights of live music in Brisbane all year! You can check out the full program (and get info on all of the fun events) over at the BIGSOUND site and you can grab your one or two day passes through Oztix and QMusic!

Gay Paris
Performing Live: 11:40pm @ Alhambra Lounge - September 11, 2013
as part of BIGSOUND Live
Interview by Katie Langley

Gay Paris, hi! What have you been up to this week? 

Gay Paris: We've been involved in all manner of arcane affairs – music videos, rock n roll shows and dark, boozy rituals are not for the uninitiated (so pony up with the joining fee, we need your money).

You released your second album The Last Good Party earlier in the year. What’s the best party you’ve ever been to? 

GP: Gay Paris is a rolling party, nocte sumus gaudeamus is the mantra of choice, followed by semper celebro! Also, it is always better if we don't have to pay for anything or clean up or explain ourselves to the authorities, moral, legal or otherwise. I think that we proved that as we hit every state and territory in the country on the 40 date album launch tour we finished in July. Please don't tell anyone that we survived, it'll be easier that way.

You launched a campaign to raise money for the production of “The Last Good Party”. There was an offer to complete school assignments in exchange for monies donated. What other requests did you receive and did you oblige?

GP: We faked orgasms in a crowed restaurant, popped, locked and got crunk to technical death metal in a crowded public place, hosted a nightmarish dinner party (featuring hugs, booze and weight lifting), heck, it was all so long ago! I am still writing hip-hop songs for people, we make phone calls to people on their birthdays for the next five years and I think that we owe Satan the souls of our first born children.

The video clip for 'The Demarcation Of Joseph Hollybone' features a big cock. How did the idea for the clip come about?

GP: I think that 1 in 10 of the new 'likes' on our Facebook page have a giant cock as the profile pic. The rest wrote itself.

You recently shot a new video. Can you tell us which song this was for? And is it true there is a cream scene?

GP: The video is for 'Trash Bird At Confessional'. We shot it with Mikey Hamer, who worked with us on the clips for 'Ash Wednesday Boudoir Party', 'House Fire In The Origami District' and 'My First Wife? She Was A Fox Queen'. The whole damn thing is money shots. Gay Paris know what you need, ladies and gentlemen.

Talk us through the live Gay Paris experience. What can the BIGSOUND audience expect? I have been impressed with W.H Monks’ ability to take off his pants without removing his shoes.

GP: Anything done well will change the world, from religion to art, from cheap wine to rock n' roll. We will transform all who bear witness to our awesome moves. We will provoke the violence of the gods (prove that you exist, dudes!) and arouse all manner of loin emotions. We will also ask you to buy our merch, furnish us with drinks and straight out demand that you give us your money. We will high five everyone who deserves it and heap scorn on any cold souled simpleton that doesn't understand the importance of shaking it out. We will polarise the population of all worlds into the 'want to' and 'oh no' factions.

Ke$ha crashed one of your gigs last year. She bit Blacktooth’s beard, and took his shirt. Seeing as though you’ve been up close and personal, tell me, is she clean? Sometimes I’d like to run a brush through her hair. 

GP: You know, I really couldn't vouch for her ratio of cleanliness to filth. She was so twisted up on Blacktooth that I didn't get a chance to do more than give her a brief snuffle, and as everyone knows, the rock n roll dude's olfactory sense is densely compromised by certain lifestyle choices. I was really stressed (not angry) when neither she nor her minder offered to buy me any drinks.

Who are your favourite super famous pals to tour with?

GP: We love touring with The Snowdroppers because they understand what it is like to be lonely sex icons on a pedestal of shame, desire and soiled undergarments. We get down with Totally Unicorn because they let us make fun of Tim and don't make judgements about party abuse problems. Finally, though we've only played with them on two occasions, we enjoy the company of King Parrot because they are such sweethearts.

It’s 2016. Where are Gay Paris?

GP: The year is 2016, the place is international waters, the laws are no laws but those of terror. The Elder Gods have risen and enslaved humanity – everyone works for the two great Cola giants and resistance is futile.. until Gay Paris release their fourth record from the catacombs of Atalantis. This produces an ontological shift that causes the Starlords to buy the band drinks and elevate them to a status normally reserved for the demi-urges of monotheistic religions.

Or we could just be at The Joynt asking Jodi for free drinks. It could go either way.

Well, either scenario seems cool enough. Thanks to Gay Paris for hanging out. You can join in on the fun when the band runs riot as part of BIGSOUND Live! 

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