Sunday, 25 August 2013

Gig Review - The Stiffys

The Stiffys
Live @ Rics, Brisbane (24/08/2013)
Review by Katie Langley

My love affair with The Stiffys only began a few weeks ago, but boy, has it been intense. They’re my ultimate band, really – two bearded men in sailor outfits singing songs about sexy lemonade and erections. What’s not to love?

Walking into Rics I couldn’t help but scan the crowd, curious to know what sort of fans The Stiffys attract. There was a group of about eight people decked out in shirts that read “GREAT JOB EVERYBODY LOVE THE STIFFYS”, a muscled man with a Mohawk wearing a spiked Ministry leather jacket, and a gaggle of fat women. It’s fair to say it was a mixed crowd.

After noticing a sign taped to the microphone stand which read “THE STIFFYS KINDLY REQUEST THAT EVERYBODY HAS AT LEAST A COUPLE OF DRINKS AVAILABLE AT ALL TIMES” I stocked up at the bar, just in time for the bands opening song ‘Champagne’.

'Champagne' is the song that likens those delicious bubbles to sexy lemonade and encourages sexy dancing. I question the sexy dancing of the audience, but was impressed with the hair windmilling of a woman in the front row.

The Stiffys kept us all bopping, drinking and laughing to ‘Ranger Stacey’. Other gems included ‘You Are Beautiful (Stiffies Are like Magic)’, and ‘Erection! Everybody!’.

The band was very complimentary, telling us between songs that we’d all done a great job. We were also encouraged to believe in ourselves. Aww, thanks guys! The crowd were suitably liquored up, with The Stiffys t-shirt wearing fans sculling beer from jugs.

When the band finished their last song the crowd erupted, not ready to let the sailors go. A man at the back of the room began pounding the wall screaming “encore” frantically. Rics, if there are holes in that wall I know who was responsible.

The band performed ‘Call and Response’ as their encore. This song basically consists of the band yelling things like “love”, “romance”, “kitty cats” and “underage” to which the crowd shout “stiffys” in response.

Look, let’s be honest people, this show was absolute stupidity, but I was laughing and dancing the entire show. Great job The Stiffys! Now it’s time for some Red Rooster.

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