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It's My Kind Of Interview - Nicolette Forte

When you look at Nicolette Forte's facebook page, it says 'while some musicians sing from the heart, Nicolette Forte surrenders her whole being' and although a lot of musician's self descriptions are full of meaningless words, once you've heard Nicolette sing, you can't help but think those words are true. A Melbourne based singer-songwriter, Nicolette's lyrics are a glimpse into the life that she's lived and the beautiful soul that she is. Lou Endicott was lucky enough to have a chat with Nicolette as she's just launched her latest single 'Hold Your Hand'....

 Interview by Lou Endicott

Thanks for taking time to answer some questions! Can you tell us a little about your music journey: What initially brought you to playing music and writing original songs, who inspired you most in your early days musically and what do you love most about performing music?

Nicolette: After learning a few chord shapes on the guitar I began to put words from my journal to melodies that I would hum in my head. In the solitude of my bedroom I’d write pages upon pages of lyrics as an outlet for my teenage woes – you know how it is!? Inspired by love and life, I set about building my collection of stories which I continue to perform today. The thing I love most about performing to a live audience is simply the ability to connect with people.

This month you are releasing an upbeat, catchy song called “Hold Your Hand” that you wrote when you were sixteen. The song really embodies the unique rootsy style that you create in a lot of your music and showcases the warmth and smooth tone in your voice. It also has a strong message about love and equality. Tell us a little about what motivated you to write this song and how its themes are still relevant ten years down the track. You are touring the song as part of a live radio launch. Tell us a little about this process and why you chose to make this song available for free download.

Nicolette: A decade on and the issues I once faced as a 16 year-old school girl still resonate. Back then I wish I could have turned on the radio and heard a song with a message that says it’s ok for a girl to love another girl. Unfortunately there was nothing like that back then. Now, however, I want to offer up that voice. I want this song to be accessible to anyone and everyone; I’m doing this for the 16 year old that was too shy to stand out.

You have a band of merry men play with you as part of the outfit Nicolette Forte and Friends. Can you tell us who they are and what they bring to your sound? 

Nicolette: Duncan Yardley: a classically trained violin player who tugs at the heart strings. Chris Brooker: a passionate percussionist with a great imagination. Kevin Etcell: an earthy and rhythmic didgeridoo player and percussionist.

You’ve played a lot of live gigs in Melbourne and regional Victoria. Do you have a favourite memory of performing you can share with us?

Nicolette: I have so many fond memories of playing all sorts of gigs to all different audiences throughout the country; from little suburban venues to outback rural schools and communities. However, a significant recent performance was when I had the opportunity to play my new song ‘Hold your Hand’ at State Parliament House. Ironically, the song which promotes the message of equal love was projected to an audience whose current stance and legislation does not support it.


Where can people see you play live? What can they expect from seeing you play live?

Nicolette: People can always find out where I am playing my latest gigs around town or across the countryside through my website: www.nicoletteforte.com In addition, there’s my usual spot every Tuesday night at the Prince of Wales in St. Kilda heading the energetic Forte Jam night. This is a great night full of surprises, but you’ll just have to come down to find out for yourself. My current project, however, is the launch of my new Single ‘Hold Your Hand’. We decided to do this a little bit differently – choosing to perform live-to-air on community radio throughout August.

Quick Fire Fun!

First album you bought
Nicolette: Bob Marley Greatest Hits

Most embarrassing music you used to listen to (or still listen to)
Nicolette: ‘Taxi Ride’ late Nineties boy band. Oh yeah!

Another instrument you would love to be able to play really well
Nicolette: Upright Double Bass – those things are damn sexy.

If you could gig with any musician who would it be
Nicolette: Bob Marley and the Wailers, imagine being a part of that tribe!

A song you wish that you’d written
Nicolette: “Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy
Birthday dear (anyone), Happy Birthday to you”

Best music to soothe a heart ache
Nicolette: Tracy Chapman

Best gig you’ve ever been to
Nicolette: Jewel at A Day on the Green

What are you listening to at the moment?
Nicolette: Kerryn Fields – what a unique and inspirational local musician, check her out!

Where do you see yourself in ten years?
Nicolette: A 36 year-old muso in the midst of a mid-life crisis.

If you check out Nicolette's website, you can see all the dates she's performing 'Hold Your Hand' live on community radio and while you're there you can get yourself a free download as well! You should probably do that. Go! Now!

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  1. absolutely spine tingling beauty . this gorgeous soul sista is captivating to watch. I love checking out her Tuesday night gigs at the prince, and highly recommend checking this stunningly talented women and her comrads out. respect peace nameste.


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