Saturday, 3 August 2013

Marshmallows, Battleships and The Beresford...

A&R Records Introduce Marshmallow Pavement, Vol. 1
by Matt Bond

The A&R Department has done us all a favour by launching A&R Records - an initiative that is bringing exciting new Australian indie artists together for compilations like the deliciously named Marshmallow Pavement. It features an all star cast of some of our favourite 2013 acts (Battleships, The Money Go Round, Small Talk, The Sun and The Sky, The Velvets, China Doll, Fever Pitch) and introduces a whole bunch of new friends (Harts, Meg Mac, The Ruminaters, The Dead Heads and more!) on a compilation that will literally have something for everyone.


Battleships' 'Coming Back To You' hits all the right notes and hints at a promise that this could be the next great Australian rock band. You've probably heard 'Known Better' by Meg Mac on triple J. I haven't, because the car is my personal 'listen to a CD' time, but I'm in love with Mac after one listen of 'Known Better.' "If you sit in cold enough water, if you drink enough of this shit, then you'll know you should of known better." I want to make a return of the Mac joke, but I don't know how to make it work, so I'll just say I want to hear more and more from Meg.

If you haven't jumped on the Small Talk bandwagon, there's no better time than the present. 'Make You Move' is sleek and sexy indie electro from Sydney's Jake Smith that lives up to the song title. In the interest of promoting that there really is something for everyone, fans of Aussie hip hop or Aussie reggae (or something) can enjoy Crossing Red Lines and the track 'Wake Up'. Moving right along, fans of good old fashioned rock and roll will get a kick out of The Velvets and 'Shoot You Down'. If you've been stalking us for some time, you'd already have fallen in love with The Velvets and Jim Stirton's gravely tones by now.


All in all, this is an exciting collection of future Australian music stars and you owe it to yourself to check out Marshmallow Pavement, Vol 1. You know where you can do that? iTunes, baby. iTunes

So you love these bands and you want to see them live. Well why don't you head on down to Upstairs Beresford (@ The Beresford Hotel) this coming Thursday (8 August, 2013) so you can listen to the sweet, sweet sounds of Battleships, The Money Go Round, Safia, The Dead Heads and Meg Mac - live! How much is it? It's freaking FREE! Get all the information you need at the swanky Facebook event page.

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