Saturday, 10 August 2013

The Candy Shop #15

Nayt: Soon to be visiting your dreams...

I Got It From My Mother
by Nayt Housman

Last week I shared a little about my dad’s rather, ummmm, camp taste in music and how it’s influenced my current taste. So this week I’ll share the Yin to my dad’s Yang.

If only’s song was worthy of my even knowing the title (or making the effort to look it up) I’d use it as an introduction to this week's Candy Shop. However, simply knowing the one useful line from it is enough and I don’t want to offend any readers' ears with sub par music (this week anyway).

Most of my music memories of my mum have something to do with traveling. Either traveling to get groceries, traveling to and from school, traveling to visit friends or family, I always remember the music we would listen to on the radio or our fave cassette tapes.

Little Lies
by Fleetwood Mac 

I learned so many lessons in life listening to music in the car, “tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies”, was the chorus of Fleetwood Mac’s Little Lies. What I couldn’t understand about those words was, what is a little lie compared to a big lie?

Little lie = Saying, “Wow babe, your new cut and colour look amazing!” When you actually mean “Holy shit did you pay actual money to get that cut and colour?”

Big lie = “No officer, I have no idea how that 2kg bag of cocaine got into my bag.”

Okay, so I now know the difference between the two but why did she want to be told lies too?

Regardless of the reason I was told that all lies were bad and would result in severe consequences but that didn’t stop me listening to and loving Fleetwood Mac’s 'Little Lies' plus I always enjoyed imagining what the little lies could have been.

Sight For Sore Eyes
by M People 

Bizarre Fruit was an album that fruited from the loins of one of my fave bands as a kid. I remember wandering around our yard singing many M People tunes and most trips involved putting the cassette tape on and both mum and I singing along for the whole trip to and from school.

I don’t know if it was the house beats, the upbeat melodies or Heather Small’s amazing voice and larger than life hair, but I adored everything they did from 'Movin' On Up' to 'One Night In Heaven'. However we only ever owned the one cassette tape and once I discovered Bjork in the mid nineties I more or less forgot about them until recently. I plan to rectify this atrocity with many hours of YouTube and chanting “movin on up, movin on up, dooooo do do doo do”.

Break In The Weather
by Jenny Morris 

Way back in the early 90s a song with bloated saxophone and alluring lyrics seduced me, moved me and lodged itself in my brain. It was the funky, jazz infused, pop magic that is 'Break In The Weather', by Jenny Morris.

I don’t actually think mother dear liked it at all, but at the time it was repeatedly played on the radio as it was Morris’ biggest Australian hit and I certainly wasn’t objecting to its rhythmic lure.

Not only was it one of my fave songs as a youth (and it still is), but it also had one of the most amazing video clips I can remember. Featuring a ventriloquist puppet that projects trumpets from its eyes and ears, loads of creepy dolls, giant floating lips and hands, and some of the cheesiest (most amazing) dancing you have ever seen *fist pumps*.

Pleasure and Pain
by Divinyls

 Oh the Divinyls, they changed how I felt about rock music and introduced me to raw unbridled sexuality. In fact I love them so much I included them in my top 90s bands of all time, so rather than rehash the same blurb, go check out what I had to say in our 90s countdown.

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