Saturday, 31 August 2013

The Candy Shop #18

These Boots Are Gonna Walk All Over You...
So Always Wear A Helmet
by Nayt Housman

So Monday morning was most like any other morning except for two things, my lover was away and when I was getting ready to ride to work on my bicycle, I happened to put on different boots than usual.

I love riding to work, especially early in the morning because there’s little traffic on the road and it’s blissfully quiet. I usually feel powerful and free!

But in the back of my mind I’m always worried that someone will knock me off my bike and well, it happened. Like a slow motion movie a guy pulling out of a side street hit my back wheel propelling my into the bitumen. I’m broken but someday soon, I’ll be put back together…

Then after my hospital trip and all the “hoo-haa” that goes with it I was released but had to go back to work to get my belongings. When I walked in, they’d all been talking about the boy who got into an accident and couldn’t come to work… It was I...

Then I was left alone to recover at home by myself. No one to look after me… Eventually my lover came home from his trip; the first words from his mouth were “What’s for dinner? We have sexy times?” then with no regard for my welfare he “accidently” kept bumping into my injuries. How cold, how insensitive…

If only I’d worn my regular boots maybe this mess would never have happened?

*All mentioned events actually happened except for the whole insensitive lover remarks. No T no shade.

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