Wednesday, 7 August 2013

The K-Tizzle Sizzle - Sexy, Single and Ready To Mingle

Harry. Sexy? Single? Ready

Sexy, Single And Ready To Mingle
by Katie Langley

Navigating life as a single can be an interesting ride. There are few things better than the feeling you get when you meet someone you spark with - that person who gives you butterflies in your stomach. But what do you do when this happens? What do you say? How do you let that person know you're interested in them?

On a night out recently, whilst standing in a cab line at 3am, I was approached by a handsome young man. As he staggered towards me, tripping over his feet, sweating alcohol, I wondered what his opening line would be. I did not expect "Do you play Candy Crush?" Just to be clear, the answer is no and quite honestly I don't know what I was more shocked about - his pick up line or the fact that people actually play this game!

A friend, let's call her Felicity, found herself in the same bar as her work crush a couple of weeks ago. Let me set the scene here. Felicity had been admiring her crush from afar. Sure, there was the occasional "Hello, how are you?" at work, but that was about it. Over numerous catchups we plotted all the things she could do and say to win his heart while we tried to find him on Facebook. Standard procedure, right? After a few weeks of inactivity Felicity had all but given up hope. That was until she was drunkity drunk drunk on a night out and spied him across the room. Felicity sauntered across the floor to share a couple of drinks with her crush. After some liquid courage she decided it was time to turn up the heat, being her A game. She said to him "I think we should dance... like black people".

So, my dear Felicity, this one is for you. Let me suggest some songs fit for groovin' to with your beau.

We Can't Stop 
by Miley Cyrus  

Felicity can't stop and she won't stop crushing on her man. The thought of two very tall, very white people trying to twerk to this song makes me happy. And sad. But mostly happy.

Gravel Pit
by Wu Tang Clan

This song is a tad suggestive, but I think it could be effective. Keep your pit clean Felicity.

Candy Shop
by 50 Cent

Will Felicity go to the candy shop? Will Felicity lick the lollipop? 

 Teach Me How to Dougie 
by Cali Swag District

The Dougie was a dance move that swept the globe a couple of years ago. In essence it involves moving side to side in a shimmy and then brushing a hand through the hair. Felicity, why not try mixing it up with a hand through his hair.

Crank That
by Soulja Boy

The crank that dance was another dance sensation that took off following the release of Soulja Boy's single of the same name. It kind of looks like you're riding an invisible motorbike and then jumping backwards. Felicity, you can do it. Just don't let him do any supermanning. Unless you're into that of course.

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