Thursday, 15 August 2013

Where Is My Mind? - Call Me Crazy...

 Call me crazy but...that Madonna? She crazy and she old!

Call Me Crazy, But...
by Jo Michelmore

The other day, while waiting for my usual morning coffee, my friend and I spotted a chalkboard outside a store nearby which was both intriguing and hilarious. The chalkboard had this written on it:

"Fun Fact! Every year 3000 people die from hippo attacks and only 6 die from shark attacks."

This was intriguing, because let's face it, that is an interesting fact, but would one call it fun? I don't think so. That's not fun at all. This was hilarious because my friend has this habit of coming up with (sometimes) interesting facts and presenting them with the sentence "FUN FACT!" first. Sometimes he even raises his index finger in excitement at said fun facts. I know I'm in for a treat when he does that. I'm probably going to learn something about the human digestive system or something not politically correct, but either way, I love his 'fun facts' and I like his 'unique' saying.

I have another friend who likes to present interesting facts as well, but his catchphrase is "did you know?" He is also known for another phrase I love, which is sometimes used in combination with his "did you know?" and that sentence is "DON'T BE STUPID" which is always said in a charmingly insulting way. I like his 'unique' sayings.

I have another friend who likes to say "fiddly diddly dee" followed by various obscenities I'm not going to mention on this blog. They may not be g-rated, but whenever they're said hilarity ensues. I like his 'unique' sayings.

This brings me to one of my own sayings, which is "call me crazy but...." followed by whatever I want, it's my phrase, goddamn it.

Most people I know respond with "ok, crazy" because everyone I know is a comedian, which brings me to where my mind is this week. Last week we left off on 'Crazy Kids' by Ke$ha and, so that made me think about all the other songs I love about being a whole lot of crazy, like

It may not be my very favourite Queen song ever, but there's no way I wasn't going to include it in a list of crazy songs. In fact,it's Freddie Mercury's birthday in a couple of weeks, so you're going to be treated to reading about my adoration of him soon. Let me warn you, there's a lot of adoration. Call me crazy but I love that moustached Freddie guy....

It may not be my very favourite Madonna song either, but I have a did you know to say about Madonna so I had to include it. Are you ready? 'Did you know' Madonna is 54 years old? That's virtually 60! Madonna is like, 60 years old! She old. She real old. Maybe that should have been a fun fact. Oh whatever, they're not my sayings and either way, call me crazy, but I still love that crazy old Madonna woman...

This one could be my very favourite Patsy Cline song ever, but that's maybe because I don't know many of them. It is probably my favourite crazy song though. How can any get better that this? Are you crazy? This is the ultimate in crazy and country heartbreak and sometimes, every now and then, when I'm feeling a little crazy, I like to break this one out at karaoke. Yes I do. Call me crazy, but I have a (not so) secret love of country heartbreak and that means Ms Cline, of course....

This may not be my very favourite Gnarls Barkley song wait, I don't have a very favourite Gnarls Barkley song, probably because Gnarls Barkley involves that Cee Lo Green guy and well, I'm not the biggest fan of his. I hate it when this happens. I don't like liking a song when I don't like really like the artist so much. Call me crazy but that drives me crazy...! 

This may be my very favourite Beyonce song but it's not my favourite Jay-Z song, so that's confusing, isn't it? Goddamn, it's just so goddamn catchy. The clip has always annoyed me though, I just want to tell her to get up and stop rolling around the floor. Call me crazy, but there's a whole lot of bacteria on floors that are left there from people's awful, awful feet and everyone knows my irrational fear of feet, don't they? Oh, that's a whole other kind of crazy. Call me crazy, but you probably don't need to know about that part of crazy me....

Call me crazy, but where will my mind lead you next time? Well, that's an interesting question isn't it? You'll have to wait and see.

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