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Willow - BIGSOUND Live 2013 Feature Artist

With a delightful sound reminiscent of some 60s and 70s soul and pop, Willow have been making a name for themselves around their hometown of Melbourne and will soon be doing the same in Brisbane, playing BIGSOUND in September, alongside artists like Buchanan, Halfway, Darren Middleton, Megan Washington, The Trouble With Templeton and a whole bunch of other amazing musicians!

Like fellow BIGSOUND artists Gossling and Thelma Plum, Bianca Scuito and Kieran Daly of Willow were kind enough to answer some questions for us before hitting the Press Club stage on Wednesday September 11 and remember, you can check out the full program for BIGSOUND Live over at the official BIGSOUND site and get your tickets now, right now (do it!) through Oztix and QMusic!

performing live: 9.10pm @ The Press Club - September 11, 2013
as part of BIGSOUND Live
Interview by Jo Michelmore

Hi! Welcome to It’s My Kind Of Scene! Could you kindly introduce yourself to our readers? Who are you?

Bianca Sciuto (B) and Kieran Daly (K) from Melbourne group ‘Willow’

You’ve been described as having a real 60’s and 70’s sound, which can’t be denied, and a folk, pop, soul influence. Are there any of these you relate to more than the others? How else would you describe your music?

Bianca: I think out of the three mentioned I have been relating to the soul influence a lot more of late, artists like Etta James and Aretha Franklin seem to keep getting constant plays on my stereo.

Kieran: I’ve also been listening to a lot of soul lately but it’s hard to say which one I relate to the most as it’s a constant change up between those mentioned and more.

What do you listen to when you’re recording? Which artists inspire you?

Bianca: Some of the ‘Cat Power’ recordings are really inspiring. The album ‘Jukebox’ has some amazing sounds and vocal takes which can be great when thinking about what’s up next or giving myself a break from listening back to our songs.

Kieran: Usually it depends on what song we are recording- mostly I choose based on things like production and arrangement, which help in deciding what to go for. Producers and writers like Phil Spector are hugely inspiring.

While we’re talking about other artists, what song would you love to cover or is there one in your set already that we can see at BigSound?

We play a stripped back cover of ‘Silver Stallion’ by ‘Highwaymen’.

Speaking of your set, what should we expect from a Willow show?

Bianca: It’s always pretty hard to describe our music, best to come and see a live show
Which other music festivals would you aspire to play?

Kieran: In Australia hopefully all of them, Internationally, Glastonbury would be pretty amazing.

What’s your favorite part about playing live?

Bianca: It’s exciting, fun and something I completely love doing.

Kieran: Playing the new songs that are fresh and still have time to develop.

Are you going to get a chance to see any of the other BigSound acts while you’re in Brisbane and if so, who are you most looking forward to seeing?

Bianca: Megan Washington is someone I’m looking forward to seeing live.

Kieran: Grizzly Jim Lawrie and Eagle And The Worm are always awesome to see.

What was the last gig you went to, not performing but as a fan? Or both?

Bianca: Ali Barter at The Corner Hotel.

Kieran: I saw Baptism of Uzi in Northcote last week. Awesome.

What was the last song you listened to? No cheating, embarrassing or amazing, what was it?

Bianca: Take It All - Adele

Kieran: I Don’t Like Cricket – 10cc

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