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BIGSOUND Live - Thursday Night Recap

While Jo and Matt soaked up some Amanda Palmer and The Grand Theft Orchestra fun times at The Tivoli, Nayt and Katie were running around The Valley and catching all the hottest acts on the second night of BIGSOUND Live! So, prepare yourself for Nayt's busy, busy night. You get to read all about it below!

BIGSOUND LIVE 2013 - Night Two (12/09/13)

Nayt's Second Time
by Nayt Housman

Wednesday night I lost my BIGSOUND Live virginity and last night I was back for more. This time, confident with my abilities, more prepared (comfortable shoes? CHECK!) and ready to take on anything in my way, or so I thought…

Being super prepared I thought I’d get the earlier train so I could get some food and settle in to the night gently. “Oh hi there drunk old man at the train station. What’s that? You’re going to buy weed from a 73yo woman? Wow sounds like you’re going to have a great night… oh damn the train is here and I have to get on the carriage as far away from you as possible, nice chatting though.”

Public transport always provides such entertaining characters… Now lets get to BIGSOUND! “Attention passengers it appears the brakes are locked on and there may be some delay while we try to sort out the situation.” What? “Attention passengers we are going to turn off all power.” Urrrrgh 20 minutes later… “Attention passengers we’re going to be pushed the rest of the way by the train behind us.” YAY!
No time for dinner, arriving at 8:03, I had to make it to three bands in 20 minutes, get photos and potentially videos, I think I’m going to die! I need me some Berocca and Tic-tacs. Now who’s first? Shit! Okay Rainbow Chan here I come!

Arriving at The Rev, sweaty and tense, I’m greeted by a wall of sounds and pure joy that could only be described as glitter, ballons, polka dots, pop rocks and bubble gum trapped in a rainbow with Hello Kitty. Rainbow Chan was a ball of bouncing energy and a welcome beginning for this grumpy old man. Photos? Check! Video? Check! Now on to the next…

Elizabeth Rose! Where are you? Bakery Lane? Follow the sound! Dancey, pop-tastic, this girl was bouncing off the walls with energy but sadly I only got to see the last song. Must put Elizabeth Rose on my “to watch” list.

Gossling at Black Bear Lodge was sooooo not a good idea. Packed like sardines I managed to make it in only just past the bar. Click click! Got a couple of bad photos and I’m out. Sorry Gossling! Next time. I’m going to see what Spender has to offer.

WOW! Spender is TALL! I’d say pushing 6'6" and very handsome. Thankfully I made it in time to hear his current single 'Never Again' and I was not disappointed. This guy is amazing, kinda in the same realm as Gotye but jazzier and more electro pop-ish plus that voice WOW. Spender I love you and did I mention how handsome you are? Marry me? No seriously, marry me and play me that sweet sax while I fall asleep on your lap. Moving on…

Who’s this Saidah Baba Talibah at The Zoo? Sounds exotic so I went for a wander and on the way some lovely young chaps decided to pee in front of everyone. So Saidah looked FIERCE, leopard print stilettos, cut off denim shorts, sexy jacket over a revealing top, white dreadlocks and partially shaved head. OH the SOUL! Saidah’s voice is incredible. “I am Saidah Baba Talibah. Now say it with me! SAIDAH! BABA! TALIBAH! Now say it like you love me. Ssssaidaaah! Baaaaabaaaa! Taaaaliiiiibaaaaah!” Getting the audience involved in your performance is always a winner and combined with her killer voice and badass band (two of which she’d only met two days prior) they set the stage alight, even when she fell A over T she just laughed it off while her band all joined her on the floor in sympathy. I left with a huge smile on my face and ready for the next band.

The next on my list was Mt Warning and I’ll admit I only went to see them for two reasons - 1. They are named after a mountain that was a prominent feature in one of my fave movies, Fern Gully, and 2. They are a GOOD-looking band, like hot. They played with fervent abandon and the singer’s enthusiasm was infectious especially when he jumped amongst the fairly still crowd and whipped them all into a moshing frenzy. Not what I was expecting but dammit I was impressed.

Next up was Thelma Plum at Black Bear Lodge and I new it would be packed so I arrived 15 minutes early to a line at least 10m long that was not going anywhere. Eventually I was ushered in as “media” HA! Unlike at Gossling, I managed to force my way almost to the front to be rewarded with one of the sweetest performances from this barefoot fairy that in her delicate tone introduced her next song, “This is a song about my dog Rosie. I love her.” Beautiful Thelma, just beautiful, I’ll be coming back for more of you. The night was getting close to finishing and I didn’t even have sore feet!!!! WOO!

Nat Dunn is another name I had never heard before but her bio looked interesting so I toddled off to Coniston Lane to see a woman so in charge of her vocal prowess I was gob-smacked. Hard as a rock and light as a feather was the first thing I could think of to describe her. Something like Joss Stone but with more of a Tina Turner appeal and conviction. Nat Dunn you made me happy to find you down the end of that awful laneway. Soulful gold.

I began getting that yo-yo feeling again as I trundled back down to Electric Playground to see Ginger And The Ghost. After only discovering them through their BIGSOUND bio I was already excited, but arrived to an almost empty venue. “Why is no one else here?” I didn’t mind too much though because I wanted their beautiful left-field pop (think Goldfrapp, IamamIwhoamI, Florence And The Machine) all to myself. These two from Sydney, dressed like a snow angel and a tribal heartthrob, performed as if they were in front of a sold out show and only showed their vulnerability when they pleaded for everyone to join them in front of the stage. The crowd eventually swelled and so did their sound with their beautiful single 'Where Wolf' among others and the handful of us in there was treated to one of the best shows of the night.

It was nearly the end and I didn’t feel like walking anywhere again so the last show of the night at Electric Playground was Bec and Ben. Man alive what a bunch of firecrackers! Especially Bec who bashed those drums like a woman possessed and sweated up a storm. They were kinda like the White Stripes boy/girl lead vocals, girl-drums and boy-guitars scenario and had a lot of crowd support but unfortunately even though I enjoyed them muchly, I couldn’t keep up with their energy levels and it was time for bed.

Now it’s all over, I feel used, bruised, hungry and battered. I’d met drunk people, got called gay, saw penis, got offered $50 for my BIGSOUND pass, saw some of my fave bands and plenty of new bands who were all quite impressive in their respective genres and a few have been promptly added to my play list. Was it worth it? HELL YESSS! It’s probably the most bizarre music festival I’ve ever been to but this chocolate sampler box of music is a must see event.

My highlights were The Trouble With Templeton and The Orbweavers, Ginger And The Ghost, Spender, Saidah Baba Talibah with honorable mentions going to Rainbow Chan, Lanterns, Jess Ribeiro And The Bone Collectors, Nat Dunn and Cub Sport. I missed a lot and I’m sure there were many other great gigs which makes me look forward to what next year has to offer.

Now I’m going to sleep for two days…

Jo and Katie will be back with more over the weekend and you can also check out some videos and pics on the It's My Kind of Scene Facebook page. You should probably like it too. Cheap plug! 

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