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Gig Review - The Trouble With Templeton

The Trouble With Templeton
with Holy Holy @The Zoo (30/08/2013)
words and pics by Nayt Housman

Holy Holy are a five-piece band divided between Brisbane and Melbourne with the main players being Brisbane’s singer/songwriter Timothy Carroll and Melbourne’s guitarist/producer Oscar Dawson.

They delivered the current popular brand of acoustic folk-pop-rock with subtle controlled passion and the five piece band were so fashionable and good looking that I had a hard time looking away. Timothy was also quite captivating in his performance, serenading with soft but confident vocals and a beautiful vulnerability.

The set, which included Timothy’s gorgeous single ‘If I Were You’, went by quickly and the skill of each member was apparent, seeming quite effortless and natural. Though I was unfamiliar with most of their work it felt accessible and reminded me in moments of other popular 70s inspired folk-rock acts of the last few years (Noah and the Whale, Mumford and Son’s etc).

I think given some time the group will only grow stronger together as a band as they did come across as kind of new on stage, each owning their own piece of real estate independently but not quite yet as together as a band that may have been performing together for several years.

I really look forward to seeing how these talented folks grow together and refine their sound and although I came to know them a little late, Holy Holy will be added to my regular playlist from now on.

It's no secret that I love The Trouble With Templeton. In fact since discovering this musical creation of Thomas Calder, TTWT have become one of my favorite bands EVER.

I recently had the “out of body experience” equivalent pleasure of catching their final performance for the 'Rookie' tour at The Zoo in Brisbane's Fortitude Valley. But this time instead of writing a million or so words describing how great they are (as I have done several times in the recent past) I thought the best way to show off the performing skills of this “beyond their years” talented band is in the form of still and motion image.

“Didn’t want a leg to snap SO, spent six months in a cast OH, just to be safe.” The Show started in a blaze, opening with the popular single 'Six Months In A Cast'.

Tom's original two band members beautiful Betty and handsome Hugh exuding quiet confidence and super “cool as a cucumberness”.

Tom and sterling Sam, finger thrusting their stringed instruments like an extension of their own bodies…

“You are new! Never seen that face before. Punched in school. I guess that’s what those scars are for.” Ravishing Ritchie providing the backbones to lift Tom’s poignant lyrics.

TTWT started as Tom's solo project. With his powerful command over the "light and dark" of emotional performance, Tom sure knows how to hold his own on stage performing 'Secret Pastures' alone.

Gigging can be a hair-raising experience for everyone involved.

“I’ll get that for you Comrade!” Betty fixing up Tom’s guitar strap that has fallen off… It happened a couple more times after this. No biggie! Better a guitar strap than breaking a snare drum like Ritchie managed to do the last time I saw them.

Not just on keys, in the vocal department Betty sure can hold her own.

The treat of the night was a new song; 'I Want Love'

Sam was trying hard to think of a joke while tuning took place. It’s his thing and the cutest bit is he often can’t think of a joke. Adorable much?

“SEBASTIAAAAAN! SEBASTIAAAAAN!” Intense? You bet! 'Lint' is one of the most powerful songs and a great way to finish the set. Encore!

Tom’s ability to show complete vulnerability is what makes him special as a performer. In the encore performance of Bleeders at times it seemed he was close to choking up. REAL EMOTION!

If you ever have the opportunity to check out this band I strongly urge you to do so. They may be young and have only been performing as a band for a short time though it feels more like you’re watching a world-class band at the top of their game. They exuded confidence yet remain humble, each an essential piece in the talented, passionate puzzle that is The Trouble With Templeton.

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