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Grizzly Jim Lawrie - BIGSOUND Live 2013 Feature Artist

With less than a week to go, everyone will be very busy lining up all the incredible acts they want to see performing at BIGSOUND Live. One listen of Grizzly Jim Lawrie's 'Midnight Run' and you'll know at least one act you'll definitely be adding to your dream BIGSOUND Live program. With a new musical direction bringing in dreamy rock and pop elements, Grizzly Jim Lawrie is sure to deliver a standout performance when he takes the stage at the Press Club.

Jim Lawrie took the time to answer our questions about BIGSOUND Live, 'Midnight Run', crowdfunding, twerking (yes, twerking) and a whole lot more. And don't forget, tickets are on-sale now for BIGSOUND Live, the best two nights of live music in Brisbane all year! You can check out the full program (and get info on all of the fun events) over at the BIGSOUND site and you can grab your one or two day passes through Oztix and QMusic!

Grizzly Jim Lawrie
Performing Live: 8:20pm @ Press Club - September 12, 2013
as part of BIGSOUND Live
Interview by Matt Bond

Your new single 'Midnight Run' is out now. Can you tell us the story behind the track?

Jim: The song came out of a bit of a difficult time for me, and in retrospect, seeing others going through similar experiences, I was thinking about how hard it is to be proactive about getting out of negative situations sometimes. There’s this weird instinct to just kind of wait it out until it gets better, and sometimes it never does. The track is about just getting up and getting out. I guess the idea is kind of like a homecoming to happiness, that desertion isn’t always a negative thing.

What can we expect to hear next... A new album perhaps?

Jim: Yeah, we’ve started working on a new album, and we’re in the pre production stage. The songs are all there and we’re really excited about getting into the studio to get them down, but we’re just figuring out the logistics at the moment.

You'll be performing in Brisbane for BIGSOUND Live at the Press Club next week. For music fans working out who they're going to see, what does the Grizzly Jim Lawrie live experience involve?

Jim: Good songs played by good people. We’ve got a lot of new tracks that we’re pumped to be playing. Plus we’ve got a few old friends joining us on stage for BIGSOUND, Joe Cope of The Hello Morning, and Jacob McGuffie from Fearless Vampire Killers will be taking care of lead guitar.

If you get the chance, who do you want to see performing during BIGSOUND Live?

Jim: I’m pretty excited about seeing some peeps from interstate(as in, interstate from Victoria). Bleeding Knees Club are going to go off, John Steel Singers are an old favourite, I’ve never had the chance to see The Trouble With Templeton live, but love their stuff, and Citizen Kay would be ace to see. Meanwhile, Money for Rope, Sinking Teeth, and Twin Beasts will be soothing my home sickness…

Crowdfunding is a hot topic in the music industry right now. How do you feel about it? Is there a right way for an artist to ask their fans to fund their music? Would you consider it?

Jim: As a consumer, I like to support people who are doing what they love, and if its going to enrich this crazy old world, then I’m all for throwing the ol’ disposable income at a good project to reap the rewards of another’s creative labours.

As an artist, I’m still on the fence. I’m surrounded by generous people, but I’m stuck in that stubborn headspace of not wanting to ask for anything. Who knows, I may get over it… I may not. Only time will tell…

In sadder news, twerking is also a hot topic right now. So hypothetically... If a song was going to make you twerk, it would be?

Jim: I don’t want to expose myself as an out of touch slash uncool dude here, but to tell you the truth, I don’t really know what twerking is…does it involve shaking booty? If so, ‘You Can Call me Al’ by Paul Simon? Or anything by Xtina. She’s unreal. ‘Ain’t No Other Man’ is my jam.

Let's go with another hypothetical scenario. You've just encountered someone who has never heard music before in their life. They lived with wolves or something. You get to pick 5 albums to play to them that sum up everything that is amazing about music. What albums do you pick and why?

Jim: Nice scenario, Wolfman is so lucky he gets to listen to so much good music for the first time.

Ok. First up would be The Beatles – Revolver. Wolfman needs some sweet pop rock n roll to ease him in and this is my favourite album of theirs, classics like Good Day Sunshine and Got to Get You into My Life will get his feet tapping.

Next up, Fleetwood Mac – Rumours will teach Wolfman about the classic structure of hit song writing, and showcase the art of an amazing chorus. Plus the crazy bass break in The Chain will make him feel like he’s back at home in the wild.

Carrying on his return to the wild is Guns N Roses – Appetite for Destruction, to show Wolfman how awesome turning the volume up full can be.

Calming Wolfman back down again is Bill Withers – Live from Carnegie Hall. This will show Wolfman the place of storytelling in song. Some of the best stories I’ve ever heard relayed to an audience through song are on this recording, and his connection with his audience is unreal, funny and loving.

And finally, Wolfman needs a guilty pleasure, which is where Tears for Fears – The Best of Tears for Fears comes in. Absolute gold from start to finish. All the hits. All the hair.

Wolfman approves.

When they air the Grizzly Jim Lawrie 'Behind The Music' special in 2058, what are they going to say about you?

Jim: “Jim Lawrie was as good at internet Q&A’s as he was at songwriting. Not everyone dug his vibe at first, but he just kept at it, gave his all to the forms, and found a niche market for both his passion for excellence in digital media publicity and his passable talents in stringing chords together.”

Massive thanks to Jim for answering our questions! You can see Grizzly Jim Lawrie performing at BIGSOUND Live... go get your tickets! 

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