Saturday, 14 September 2013

The Candy Shop #20

Money, money, money, must be funny, it’s a crime, too tight to mention, gimme the MUNY the Yen and the Peso, I WANT MONEY!

In light of recent Australian political events it only seems fit that I dedicate tonight’s Candy Shop to the all mighty dollar! It consumes our lives and dominates out decisions like “Do I have enough money for another cream filled ├ęclair or should I be saving to get that tumor cut out?” It rules our health, our leisure, our pleasure and apparently the music industry. WHO KNEW? Lolz.

Money in the 70s

by Pink Floyd

I can never get over how timeless these guys are. This was released in 1973 and is still as fresh today. I dedicate this to Australian politics!

Money Money Money 
by ABBA 

Just find me a rich man so I can be a kept lady. Were these the aspirations of the time? I want this. I keep telling my lover to become super successful or I’m leaving. I think it’s healthy in a relationship to have an ultimatum.

 Money in the 80s

Money's Too Tight (To Mention)
by Simply Red

That’s not all that’s too tight to mention… Did you see that curly fringe? Mick you little firecracker, I bet the money isn’t too tight these days.

Money For Nothing
by Dire Straits

“See the little f****t with the earring and the makeup, yeah buddy that's his own hair, that little f****t got his own jet air plane, that little f****t he's a millionaire...” charming no? This was regularly played when I was growing up. Maybe I subconsciously felt that being gay would make me rich? Actually no…

Money in the 90s

by The Flying Lizards

I was a teenager once. I heard this song. I also just wanted money. I was a teenager and needed things. Things only money could buy. I WANT MONEY!

 Money in the 00s

 Rich Girl
by Gwen Stefani

If I was a rich girl I’d probably nana nana nana nana nah too. This was when Gwen sold out to so it’s only fitting she’s singing about being rich. Maybe she wrote this before she was raking in the cash?

 Money in the 10s

by Nicki Minaj

She a muny grabbing so ‘n’ so with a luv for da buck and a butt like a truck! I’m not really a Nicki fan but this song was part of a burlesque production I saw recently and I must admit my muny maker became a muny shaker!

Money makes the world go round and drives everything from politics to music and as much as things change they remain the same. Now where’d I put my diamond ring? I think it might have fallen off in my money pit…

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