Thursday, 31 October 2013

10 Very Good Reasons To Make A Trip To Woodfordia...

Woodford Folk Festival 2013 Preview:
by Matt Bond

Woodford has grown into one of the most intriguing Australian music festivals and, heading into its 28th iteration, is offering the best line-up yet for potential punters. So instead of making New Year's plans that are certain to end with a three hour wait for a cab and a waste of money on entry to an overcrowded club you'll be sure to hate for the next five years... why don't you grab a bunch of your friends and head to Woodfordia for the 2013 Woodford Folk Festival, which runs from December 27 - January 1

Trade in the Krispy Kreme donuts from 7-11 and the dirty kebab from that shop in the Fortitude Valley you're convinced is bribing the health inspector for some fine food and drink from one of fifty-one cafes or restaurants, like Byron Bay Organic Doughnuts or Jerusalem Felafel. Instead of listening to your friend having a drunken break-down in the bathroom, you could be hanging out with Bob Hawke giving a talk in defence of modern democracy. And instead of listening to the mind-numbing doof-doof beats, surrounded by teenager chewing their faces off and vomiting in decorative pot plants, you could be listening to festival headliners - Beth Orton, Tim Finn and The Basics.

There's a hundred and one reasons to go to the Woodford Folk Festival, but we are all about the music around these parts... so here's ten very good reasons to make a trip to Woodfordia in December. 

Busby Marou
Performing Friday and Saturday!

Performing Saturday - Wednesday!

Chance Waters
Performing Saturday - Monday!

Clare Bowditch
Performing Sunday and Monday!

Half Moon Run
Performing Friday - Sunday!

Karl S Williams
Performing Saturday and Monday!

Michelle Xen and The Neon Wild
Performing Sunday! 

Phebe Starr
Performing Friday and Sunday!

The Bombay Royale
Performing Saturday and Sunday!

Thelma Plum
Performing Friday, Saturday, Monday and Tuesday!

Grab a bunch of good friends and head to the Woodford Folk Festival this New Year's! There's still pre-festival online discounts on tickets which you can get all your info on from the Woodford site. While you're there, check out the rest of the program and all the events. Trust me, it'll be better than waiting an hour and a half for a drink in an overcrowded club, surrounding by increasingly sweaty "people". P.s. you're welcome.

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