Monday, 21 October 2013

Gig Review - Chance Waters, The Griswolds and Oceanics

Chance Waters and The Griswolds
@ Alhambra Lounge (04/10/2013)
Supported by Oceanics
Words by Jo Michelmore
Pics by Cordell Sanders

If it's Friday night and The Griswolds are on a lineup somewhere and you like to have a dance when you go to a gig, then it's probably worth heading out of your house to wherever they are. Combine them with Chance Waters and their other friends, Oceanics and you're almost guaranteed to have a good time. 

When the three came together at the Alhambra Lounge in early October, it seemed most of the crowd who came to see them wouldn't disagree. Oceanics played a solid set to a very small group of people, which is a shame, because they're actually really good. By the time The Griswolds hit the stage the venue had filled considerably and they smashed through an impressive set of a lot of unfamiliar songs which I look forward to hearing on their album (when it's finally released) and of course they impressed their (mostly female) fans with crowd favourites 'Missisippi' and  'Heart Of A Lion'.

Chance Waters was clearly the one most came to see, with the venue having filled by the time he got to the stage and while he and his band played the first couple of songs to a welcoming audience it was such a shame the disappointing sound at Alhambra disappointed yet again and his set was cut mid way through by a technical issue. Luckily someone in the crowd had a banana to save the night (who takes a banana to a gig is a question I'm still yet to answer) and a small amount of awkwardness was stopped when the band launched into 'Young And Dumb', before some of The Griswolds were called back to the stage to sing 'Bonnie'. How sweet. 

While it wasn't a gig that would change the world, it's nice to see Australian bands being supported by punters loving their live music on a Friday night. While the venue can often be a little disappointing, it's nice to have a venue that supports punters loving their live music on a Friday night. While there's live music being played, there'll always be something fun to do on a Friday night. So, what are you doing next Friday night?

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  1. The Griswolds are so amazing! I've only seen them in a small acoustic setting, so their upcoming show in Minneapolis is something I'm really looking forward to! Especially since they'll be playing with Strange Talk!


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