Saturday, 5 October 2013

The Candy Shop #23

Nothing Compares. Or Does It? 
The Comparisons And Cat Fights Continue…
by Nayt Housman

A lot of comparisons are made in the music industry and it will always be this way. Recently a certain young pop star made a comparison to a pop star of musical heritage that once covered a song by a music big gun, and the comparison was met with a letter that was met with twitter insults that was met with another letter and the saga goes on…

This is a blog post about rivals and the best way to introduce it is with this short clip. You’ll understand.

Miley recently said her 'Wrecking Ball' clip is like the 'Nothing Compares 2 U' of today...Sinead said Miley’s a music prostitute...Miley said Sinead is crackers...Prince doesn’t care...Miley licks sledge hammers because she’s told to...Sinead shaves her head coz no one tells her what to do...Prince makes purple rain....

Is Miley, the new Sinead? 

Is Sinead the new Prince?

Is Prince still alive? 

And speaking of Prince I remember the 80s/90s competition between Michael Jackson and the love symbol.


Michael Jackson...

While I’m pointing out the obvious, we have the Gaga/Madonna comparison. I’m not going to lie, most of Gaga’s music doesn’t appeal to me much and Madonna has had some great moments but not for quite some time. Gaga’s antics are more comparable to Bjork or Grace Jones than Madonna but I guess her music is closer to Madonna’s and Grace Jones has weighed in saying she did it all first. I don’t even know what’s happening anymore. Madonnaga? Lady Bjordonna? Bjordaga? But what I love about these comparisons is the music mash ups that come out of the catfights.


Lady Gagonna?

Grace Jones?

So all these “who did what better” comparisons have been going on forever and in the 90s wasn’t it Britney vs Christina, Spice Girls vs S Club 7 and Mariah vs Whitney?

Britstina Aguilears?

Maritney Houstarey?

Spice Club 7 Girls?

Then there are some more obscure comparisons like Moloko vs Kylie or Gaga vs Spice Girls. HA!


Spicy Gaga?

Why so serious? IT’S JUST POP MUSIC!

I love how heated people get when their fave pop stars get embroiled in online sledge matches and the debate boils over into the lives of everyday Johns who battle as if they’re personally involved. I love to get involved myself but I secretly just like to prod the coals and stoke the fire because in the end, who really gives a crap?

Artists are bound to be influenced by each other over the course of history and often will end up working with the same producers/stylists/directors/photographers etc, so eventually there has to be some convergence here n there. Am I going to stop debating when a new pop star brings out a single that sounds remarkably like something I already love? HELL NO!

To quote our blog’s beautiful Jo;

“The pop music industry needed Miley AND Sinead. It hasn't been this interesting in a long time.” 

Everyone just wants to belong to a team right? So whose team are you on? Sinead or Miley? Gaga or Madonna? Christina or Britney? If you ask me, they’re all crap! Now where’s my Spandau Ballet record?

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