Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The Candy Shop #25

WOOF! MEOW! MOO! BLUB (that’s the sound a fish makes)
by Nayt Housman

Since I was a kid I have been surrounded by music revering and educating me about our life companions. Some call them “fur/feather/fin children” or “kids of the four legged/winged/finned kind”, even simply my best friend. Of course I’m talking about our partners… I mean pets. Pets always find a special place in our soft lil hearts and musicians often find inspiration to write about them. This weeks Candy Shop is dedicated to all the pets out there in the world and is a plea to my loving partner to GET ME A GUINEA PIG! Oint oint oint (that’s the sound a Guinea Pig makes)!

So most musicians seem to find inspiration for writing from their dogs.

You Can Run (Ferns Theme)
by The Orbweavers  

Oh lordy cheeses sliced this song makes me weep like a baby. A song about Marita Dyson and Stuart Flannigan’s rescued race greyhound Fern.

by Cub Sport

This delicious little morsel from Cub Sport makes me squeal and giggle like a five year old girl with new pink glitter sneakers that have flouro yellow shoe noodle laces.

by Joanna Newsome


Love her or hate her, Newsome’s child like voice is the perfect tool for engineering a song about a dog. Her story telling ability is humbling and totally endearing (until she hits one of those shriek notes).

by Thelma Plum

I hadn’t heard much Plum goodness until Bigsound a lil while back but I’m so glad I got to hear Rosie, a song about her dog. Bless.

Sometimes marine life is even inspirational...

Rock Lobster
by B52’s

Sooooo a rock lobster isn’t really a pet I know BUT I’m sure some people have them and possibly love them very much, also clams, mermaids, snappers and thankfully for this post a dog-fish and a cat-fish feature in this grand classic.

Sometimes though we don’t have pets so we just fantasize about being an animal…

I’m Like A Bird 
by Nelly Fur-tado (gettit? Fur? Pets? Lol)

Nelly was probably so angry that she was denied having pets (this is not fact, I really don’t know/care) that she went a little crackers and pretended to be a bird until she was heavily sedated and institutionalized and forced to write about her experience which then was made into this song (again this is definitely not fact)…

In honour of all the pets that were ever a part of my life, in no particular order, Bear the dog, PJ the dog, Lady the dog, Bubbles and Squeak the ducks, Red the chicken, Mickey the budgie, Snuffie the Cockatiel, the several unnamed and short lived guinea pigs (Lady the dog ate them as well as one of the ducks), the many unnamed mice that never stopped breeding, Princess the cockatiel, Dexstar the dog, Mikey the dog, Chocolate, Vanilla, Honey and Cinnamon the fish and all the rescued animals, Tawny Frogmouth, Magpie, Kookaburra, Baby Pigeon and Lorikeets x a million (drunken bastards would booze up on fermenting mangoes)....

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