Wednesday, 23 October 2013

The K-Tizzle Sizzle - Who are you?

Have you ever had a case of the madonnas? 

... who, who, who, who?
by Katie Langley

I need to be clear about what the K-Tizzle Sizzle is, and what it isn’t. Let’s be frank people, if you’re expecting hard hitting journalism then you’re going to be bitterly disappointed week after week. Although, I’d like to hope that most people figured that out based on the name of the segment alone. There are other peeps in the It’s My Kind of Scene family that have the “real” music stuff covered, and I’m more than happy to leave the reigns with them. Serious stuff just isn’t my forte. I belong in the word of sarcasm, novelty, judgement and silliness.

I’m very clear on what I am and what I’m not, but can the same thing be said about the following musicians...

Calvin Cordozar Broadus, Jr > Snoop Doggy Dogg > Snoop Dogg>  Snoop Lion > Snoopzilla 

Prince Rogers Nelson > Prince > the Love Symbol > The Artist Formerly Known as Prince > Prince

Sean Combs > Puff Daddy > Puffy > P. Diddy > Diddy

Cat Stevens > Yusuf Islam > Yusuf

Mos Def > Yasiin Bey

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