Thursday, 10 October 2013

Where Is My Mind? - Things Beginning With The Letter...

  K. OK?
by Jo Michelmore

Every week I get involved in interesting conversations. Maybe I don't. Maybe they're just interesting to me, but you're the one reading about them, so you'd have to agree, right? Rhetorical question. Don't answer. This week's conversation involved someone I know talking about someone else we both know whose name starts with a K. I'm not a fan of said person with K name. I'm sure some people adore him, but me? Not so. Then my friend came out with this statement;

"I've never liked anyone whose name starts with a K!"

Then my mind went into overdrive, because suddenly, in my mind, this thought happened:

"Katie Langley. K-Tizz."

What? How could this be? How can anyone not like every single person whose name starts with K? Have they never met Katie Langley? Have they never read a sizzle? The more I thought, the more I found a whole bunch of likable K's. One of my fabulously beautiful nephews has a name that starts with a K! I ran into a lovely boy I know on the street only last week and his name starts with K! My sister in law's name starts with a K! I have another friend who I share a little Christmas tradition with whose name starts with a K (hi Kent!). I've a work colleague who always has some hilarious tales to tell whose name begins with K!

K-K-K-K-K! There's nothing wrong with the K! Leave K alone!

There's probably a whole bunch of people whose names begin with K that are getting a raw deal here! In order to make up for my acquaintance's said outburst, I've decided to publicly declare my love for many K's in the world and of course, where last week we left on Ke$ha, she takes me to a whole bunch of other K's I'm quite fond of...

K-anye! Kanye! I know K-Tizz doesn't like him so much, but it's the douche-Kanye that I like. That complete loser who manages to put his foot in his mouth every couple of days, who can't sing very well and definitely can't dance, who is permanently attached to another person whose name begins with K, who sings one of the songs I like to sing reeeeeeally loudly in the car and who has recently been involved in one of my favourite rants of the year (why did Miley/Sinead get so much publicity? Kanye is where the crazy is at!)

K-elis! Kelis! You know, there's a whole lot of people out there who don't know anymore of Kelis than that infamous song about delicious dairy beverages (or other things) but because you read this blog you know a lot more about music than them, don't you? You also know how awesome Kelis is, because you're very smart. Or I just told you. Either way, she is.

K-asbian! Ok, I know I started talking about individuals whose names begin with K, but this is where MY mind is taking us, so I've taken us to Kasabian. Deal with it. Have I ever mentioned the time someone questioned how I knew who Kasabian was? What a shame that numpty always comes to mind whenever I hear Kasabian now. Oh well, it doesn't take away from their awesome-ness.

The K-nife! The Knife! I love The Knife! What's best about this is anyone who doesn't like the K can pretend it doesn't exist, 'cause it's silent! Isn't the English language wonderful? Damn, they're good aren't they? There's something irresistible about a group that don't play the media game or play it really, really well. Something I love. I could possibly implode if I ever experienced this live. Like, actually, implode. You think I'm joking, don't you?

K-Pop! Korean pop! Oh my goodness, there's an entire genre that begins with K and I kinda like some of it, like, I actually do. It's all just too good, isn't it? Like, there's a group called 2PM and their first album was called 1.59PM. Seriously. In fact, I think there's a group called 2PM that sing dance pop and a group called 2AM that sing ballads. I could be wrong, I'll have to ask a Korean friend. Either way, it's all kinda cute.

Kelly Clarkson. Kelly Clarkson! Now, she's not my favourite singer in the world, but there's this weird little thing that always makes me smile when I hear this song, because of someone I know (hi editor) who, for a couple of months there a little while back, used to say something like "I like Kelly Clarkson because she makes me feel better about myself" whenever this song came on and I would respond with something about one of the people dancing in the clip and I'm not repeating it here because you'll think I'm a horrible person, but believe me, it was really funny. Maybe it wasn't, but it made me laugh...some songs really do take your mind to strange places, don't they? Where will K-elly take my mind to next week....?

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