Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The K-Tizzle Sizzle - He Ain't Heavy...

Brothers Benji and Joel Madden are known for their success with band Good Charlotte. And annoying chicken adverts.

... He's My Brother
by Katie Langley

Lovely readers, I need to be honest with you. It may come as a surprise that blogging and music stuff is not my usual occupation. Gasp! That’s right – I have a job. A corporate job that, some days, is mentally exhausting. I come home many evenings, comatose, while I shovel food into my face and stare at the TV. Consequently I’ve formed a little habit. I’ve got two words for you: Big Brother. Yes, I’ve been watching and I love it. Let the judgement ensue.

Let me just state that I’ve never professed to be high-brow. In fact regular readers and friends will know that naff and stupidity is my thing. So for those people perhaps it is no great shock that I’ve been lured in by this rubbish.

I may have lost most of you by now, but for those still reading, tonight is the Big Brother finale. Who will win – Tahan, Jade or Tim? Does anyone even care? Will I even care next week?

In perhaps one of my worst attempts at linking my day to day existence with music, this week I’m looking at musical groups that have brothers. Badoom-tish! Did you see what I did there? I was talking about Big Brother, and then introduced the concept of brothers in music… Oh dear…


C’mon – don’t pretend like you don’t have a little soft spot for these Mmm-boppers.  Brothers Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson were big in the 90’s. Girls loved them. And some boys did too. Earlier this year they released their own beer – Mmmhops. Seriously!

Human Nature

Andrew and Mike Tierney can croon, they’ve got some moves, and they’re conventionally handsome. Some people call that a triple threat. Some people call that annoying. I say Motown equals mo money!

My Chemical Romance

The band that people loved to hate: My Chemical Romance. They all went their separate ways earlier in the year, but for 12 years vocalist Gerard and bassist Mikey Way shared the stage. And eye make-up. But don’t you dare call them emo.

Kings of Leon


Kings of Leon like to keep it in the family. Did you know that the band consists of brothers Anthony, Ivan and Michael, along with cousin Cameron Followill? There’s a joke in there about sex being on fire, but I think I’ll move past it. Hey! That song was going to originally be called ‘Set Us on Fire’, but a producer overheard the lyrics as “sex on fire”. Apparently other suggestions for titles were ‘Socks on Fire’, ‘Snatch on Fire’ and ‘Cocks on Fire’. Bravo.


A list of musical brothers just wouldn’t be complete without the temperamental but always entertaining Liam and Noel Gallagher. It’s very much a love hate relationship. Although, at the moment mostly hate. Older brother Paul recently told the press he thinks that the two will definitely maybe kiss and make up.

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