Wednesday, 27 November 2013

The K-Tizzle Sizzle - I Listened To Taylor Swift...

... And I Liked It*
by Katie Langley 

Permission was granted for me to share this story on the condition that an alias is used. “Permission” is a term I use loosely and may have simply involved me announcing “that’s it, you’re getting sizzled” with the suggestion of an alias after the person in question looked a bit uneasy.  You’ve got nothing to worry about, errr, George. We’re all friends here!

After reading The K-Tizzle Sizzle last week about first concert experiences, George revealed a secret to me – he hasn’t been to a concert in a long time but will soon be going to see Taylor Swift. George is a red blooded, cricket loving man who admits he started to wonder what he was signing up for when he realised he was the only male going with a group of female friends. George seemed a little embarrassed, which initially made me wonder if this week I should write about my own concert shame experiences. I considered telling you about how I saw Chingy, twice, and even rode on the Vengabus. But the thing is, I feel no shame. I like what I like and make no apologies!

Since my conservation with George I’ve started to wonder if Taylor Swift is the pop star that appeals to all men, straight and gay. On a night out with friends recently we began the evening at an alternative whiskey bar, and ended the evening at a gay bar (gay bar, gay bar, whoa! C’mon, don’t pretend like you weren’t thinking about Electric Six). Two very different venues, with very different clientele. Although, there was one uniting element – Taylor Swift.

At the whiskey bar the resident angsty DJ sported a mini Mohawk, and played songs by the Beastie Boys, Blind Melon and Pearl Jam. He rocked out to these tunes wearing a shirt that read “Taylor Swift or Die”.  I knew he was trouble when I walked in. Badoom-tish. Seriously though, Taylor Swift or die? What does that mean exactly? If I don’t like Taylor Swift he’ll torture me with her music until my ears bleed and I die a slow and horrible death? I was curious alright, and agonised about taking a picture with him, but in the end wussed out for fear that he might club me to death with a Taylor Swift CD.

Fast forward a few hours where I found myself gliding onto the dance floor at a gay bar. As I approached the floor, lit by a glistening disco ball, I shimmied past a man wearing head to toe leopard print, complete with cowboy hat. Initially, as ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ played I couldn’t help but think about the goat parody doing the rounds of the Internet and took great pleasure in squealing along in the appropriate parts. As I bleated like a crazed goat I looked around the dance floor and was impressed by the dazzling vocals and dancing abilities of the punters. The Taylor Swift love was clear to see.

What is it that men* love? I think they either want to be her friend, or bone her. And let’s be honest, with Miss Swift’s track record the latter is entirely possible.

*Please note that there is an exception to the rule and his name is Josh, the husband of my colleague Elisha. Elisha has been speculating that he purchased her tickets to the upcoming Taylor Swift show at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane for her birthday. After denying that this was the gift Elisha changed tactics and instead attempted to lure soccer loving Josh into purchasing tickets with the suggestion that it would be just like seeing a soccer game there. His response? “Except it will be nothing like it. No”. Elisha, you could always go with George...

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