Wednesday, 20 November 2013

The K-Tizzle Sizzle - It Feels Like The First Time...

... It Feels Like The Very First Time
by Katie Langley

Last night my colleague chaperoned her nieces to a Jessica Mauboy concert. The girls were super excited; although my lovely colleague couldn’t actually recall any of Jessica’s material. As it turns out, neither could the rest of us (or so we thought)! All we could offer was “I think there’s a song about being in a bottle and coming out, and something about fire or burning. I hope that’s not about an STD”. A quick Google search just now has revealed we were heading in the right direction – she has a song called ‘Pop a Bottle’ and another called ‘Burn’. Although I can’t confirm that ‘Burn’ is about an STD. 

Do you remember the first concert you went to? Mine was to The Offspring as part of their Americana tour in 1999. I thought I was cool, wearing my Korn “Follow the Leader” shirt, and even cooler when we got to go back stage to meet the band. I thought I was pretty fly, for a white girl. Those feelings of self-love, however, were short lived when the supporting band Guttermouth proceeded to scream “GILLIGAN” at our group after seeing my friend in her dorky hat. Teenage Katie wanted to crawl in a hole and die. Present Katie probably would’ve yelled back “ahoy”! Or maybe just given the finger. Or maybe just wanted to crawl in a hole and die.

My first mosh pit experience was The Living End. I pushed my way to the front, and was thrown around like a ragdoll. I thought it was like totally the coolest thing ever man. I can remember being so excited, jumping up and down until BOOM. That boom was a boot to my nose. Fear not, teenage Katie stopped monetarily to wipe away the blood, and kept jumping. Imagine the horror on my father’s face when he came to pick me up after the show. Present Katie now understands the dangers of mosh pits. Present Katie can be a bit soft. Present Katie probably would have cried.

Speaking of tears, have I told you about the time I watched a grown man cry at an AFI concert? There was such a feeling of anticipation in the crowd. The room had a buzz that I haven’t actually experienced at any other concert. Except maybe at the Hed PE show, although that was just a whole lot of testosterone! There was so much emotion in the room for AFI that ole mate next to me turned on the waterworks as soon as the band set foot on stage!

That’s what I love about music – the excitement, joy and sometimes even sadness that it can bring. Hearing my colleague recall tales from her nieces first concert, I couldn’t help but take my own trip down memory lane. Even after all these years, I still get that feeling of anticipation, and that rush before the band takes to the stage. And if there’s a beard on stage that’s a rush of sexual energy.

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