Thursday, 21 November 2013

Where Is My Mind? - Your Beauty Is Beyond Compare...

Cyndi Lauper. The most beautiful red head of all...

...With Flaming Locks Of Auburn Hair
by Jo Michelmore

By the time you read this, I will have a new hair colour. Well, I might have. It depends what happens with my fabulous hairstylist in the time between when I write this and when you read it. If you're reading it in 2014, I may have been through numerous colours. I don't know what colour I'll be, but damn it will be hot. I'm sure.

I've been through so many; blue, pink, purple, red, I've even had some blonde for a little while (if you read Candy Shop this week you'll know all about blonde hair). I've done almost every colour except green. I never liked the green hair. It always disturbed me. Looks like you spent too much time in the shower and a dirty moss has grown all over your head. Don't ask me where you're showering. Anyway, as Nayt celebrated the blondes earlier this week, and I left off on a fiery red head in ol' Ginger Spice Geri Halliwell last time we chatted, I decided we should spend today celebrating another hair colour, this time the red heads in our lives. After all, I might have a streak of red hair by the time you read this. And well, we all love a touch of the ginge after all, don't we?

Let's start at the top of the pile with one of the best, It's My Kind Of Scene fave (ok, maybe that's just Matt and I, whatever, we sometimes kinda love her, deal with it); Shirley Manson. The redhead, it just doesn't get better than this. I could probably declare now that I think that Shirley Manson is the most attractive redhead, in the whole world, ever. Got someone else you think competes? Tell me on facebook, this is my blog post. Shirley it is.

So, because I don't think there's a more attractive redhead than Shirley, it's best if no one competes, therefore, I'm going to now feature redheads that I know (think?) some of my friends might like. I'll start with an 80s pop goddess for my friends who can't get enough of that decade, it's Belinda Carlisle. She was in this group, The Go-Go's, who were like the most awesome all girl pop/rock group, long before The Spice Girls were born. No, wait, Ginger's quite old. Maybe they were born, but not famous. Anyway, I digress. Belinda Carlisle paved the way for redheads in pop in the 80s, or something. Maybe I just made that last bit up...

Ok, here's one for my friends who like their musicians a little bit crackers and a little bit 90s. Tori Amos. She's just a bit self indulgent and a little bit odd, but those who are, are so often the best artists and the most creative of all, so I dare not judge. I just admire, 'cause when she's good, she's actually really, really good.

Now one for my friends who like their music a little bit tear-jerky. Sarah McLachan. This one was on the soundtrack of that sappy film, City Of Angels, which was also a bit tear-jerky, if you're into those things. I had a friend who could sing this song like an angel. Damn, some people have good voices. I just rock a karaoke mic every now and then, but some people, phew. Yes, I'll admit it here, I may or may not have shed a tear during this song, once. It was used to promote all sorts of TV shows and dramas and commercials for a while there. I must have cried. Shut your face. You have your own songs. Don't judge me.

I wasn't going to do a whole post and not include some rock, because I am the rock/blues specialist writer on this here blog, apparently. So here you go. Josh Homme. Queens Of The Stone Age. Red hair and rock. Not always the greatest combination. In this case, it works. You're welcome.

I've only included Gina G because she performed at Eurovision in 1996 (albeit without red hair) and well, you know I've been to Eurovision, right? Yeah I have. 2013. This year. It was in Sweden and it was one of the most amazing experiences of my entire life. Jealous? No? You should be.

One more, because I started on someone so fabulous I should end on someone quite fabulous. I wasn't always a big fan of Florence + The Machine, but ol' Flo won me over with this track a couple of years ago, actually. Then I saw her live last year and was totally blown away. Jealous? You should be. Er...what?

Oh Florence, where will you lead me next week? One of your final journeys into the wonder of where my mind is for this year, so let's hope it's somewhere awesome...

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