Friday, 20 December 2013

It's My Kind of Interview - Kira Puru + The Bruise

Interview by Katie Langley

Kira Puru, you’ve had a big year and have been on the road a lot! Can you tell us some of your tour highlights?

Kira: We have laid off the touring a bit this year. It’s easy to burn out when you’re managing, booking and doing all of your own publicity. I wanted to chase my other dream of being able to pay rent on time. My highlight though was touring with our new favourite band, Post Paint and releasing the split single, ‘Crest of the Wave’ with them. They’re fucking sensational. I also wrote a song with Paul Kelly in his lounge room the other day. That was pretty surreal.

How did the collaboration with Post Paint come about?

Kira: Bligh is a good friend of mine. I had a crush on the band and we got them on a few bills, back when I was living in Newcastle. We came up with the idea, drunk, one night after a show. I have the tendency to vague out on commitments like that but Bligh wrote the track and drove the project for the most part, so all I had to do was show up. He writes some fucking bangers. Yeah. You should really check them out.

You’ve also collaborated with The Preatures, Illy, and Clairy Browne and the Bangin' Rackettes, to name a few. Who else would you love to work with?

Kira: Anyone and everyone. I’m trying to open up my collaborative project now to include filmmakers, visual artists and people who work in other mediums. This is the second year I’ve actively been chasing collaborations and I’m not really ready to stop yet.

At a festival a few years ago I saw Rammstein ride a cock cannon that sprayed foam. Do you have a favourite festival memory?

Kira: I’d like to ride a cock cannon.


What was the last gig you went to, not performing but as a fan?

Kira: I went and saw some sort of pagan, psychadelic shoegaze band called Stream Four at the Old Bar in Fitzroy last night. It was a quiet Tuesday and there were lots of cross-legged hipsters lounging around in there. I spent most of it getting drunk and smoking out the back though. What I heard of them was cool.

Bad Religion recently released an album of Christmas songs. Would you ever consider releasing a Christmas single?

Kira: Absolutely.

All I want for Christmas is a bearded man and some liquor. What have you asked Santa for?

Kira: Well I don’t know about Santa, but I’ll take some Xanax and a nice, expensive Burgundy if anyone’s offering.

What are the plans for 2014? Can we expect to hear any new music?

Kira: Yeah. I’ve been working my tail off this year, trying to get my shit together to release something early 2014. We have a Bruise EP that we finished a year ago that’s sitting in a hard drive somewhere, dating. I guess I’ll chase that up. I am starting a new project in Melbourne with a producer friend and I’ve lined up a few interesting collaborations. So….I don’t know exactly what or when, but there’ll be music, yes.

Yes, yes, yes. All we want for Christmas is new Kira Puru, but we're happy to wait until 2014. Until like, January 2nd. Maybe. Massive thanks to Kira for stopping by for a chat.

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