Saturday, 11 January 2014

10 and 1 - Australia's Most Wanted 2014

Seriously, Gotye... release some new music. Please?

Not to worry, we haven't decided to earn some extra "revenue" by turning into pseudo crime fighters by night, assisting the po-po in hunting down Australia's most wanted criminals. There's a couple of problems with that idea.

  1. What revenue?
  2. We already have jobs and do this whole blog thing in our spare time. We're pseudo writers by
       night. Turning to a life of fighting crime (possibly in coloured spandex, undies on the outside)
       would be stretching ourselves a little too thin. And me, spandex and thin sounds like a lie.

Nah, I'm just taking a look at my most wanted albums by Australian artists this year. It is Australian Music Month after all, so it's the perfect time to look at some Australian acts that have been away for awhile and me wants back in the game. Some of them haven't been away for that long at all, but whatevs, I just want them back releasing new music, like now. We already know about some albums scheduled for release. The Jezabels return before January is over with their sophomore LP. And Little May and Thelma Plum have us anxiously awaiting the release of their EPs. But the ten acts below? Nothing is set in stone for their future, but if you wish upon a star or something, maybe we'll get some good news soon. And I will leave us with one Australian act that I could live without hearing this year, but will undoubtedly release an abomination of a track soon. Probably tomorrow. Enjoy!

by Matt Bond


Angus and Julia Stone

This brother/sister duo needs to take a big jet plane away from their solo ambitions and reunite Angus with Julia in the studio together, where they belong. Their last LP, Down The Way, was released all the way back in 2010 and saw them win the ARIA Award for Album of the Year and top the triple J Hottest 100. I know some friends would categorise the family Stone as being 'Aussie Bore Folk' and I don't really have an argument against that, I just like these two together as singer/songwriters. From their previous two albums, they've shown they are amongst the best of the best Australian music has to offer. Their solo efforts? Not so much.

Clairy Browne and The Bangin' Rackettes

Clairy Browne and her Bangin' Rackettes have been busy, busy building up a solid reputation over in the USA over the past couple of years, earning rave reviews for Browne's booming voice and the visual awesomeness of the band's live performances. They deserve all the plaudits they've earned. Now they need to release the follow-up to Baby Caught The Bus. Please?

Ella Hooper

This one is essentially a definite. We have a name for Hooper's debut solo effort - In Tongues. It was announced early last year as seeing a mid-2013 release. We heard the stellar single 'Haxan', but 2013 came and went and there was no In Tongues released by Spicks and Specks' new star. We have it on good authority that we'll get to hear something new soon and by good authority I mean some tweetage from Ella that read and I quote, "More coming SOON. For real. Like truly. I promise! ;)" I'm terrible at interpreting what the 'wink' emoticon means. It could just be Ella and I getting our standard flirt on after that whole me asking her to marry me thing last year, but outside of fantasy land, it probably means she's releasing In Tongues. Either way... win!


How do you follow-up one of the most successful Australian songs of all time? Gotye said in some interviews after the success of 'Somebody That I Used To Know' that he would move in a more 'pop' orientated direction for his next album. I don't know what to expect, but I'm excited about it. And hey, do another song with Kimbra.

The Medics

"Hey Brisbane! Playing a show tonight at the Zoo with ALL NEW SONGS. We're on at 9:30pm! Bam." I like The Medics. Their music is good and they use 'bam' to highlight something important. The important message to take from that Facebook post? They've got ALL NEW SONGS! All new songs means a sophomore album is coming, something to follow the incredible debut, Foundations. Here's hoping we hear some recorded new tunes from these guys real soon.

Operator Please

Who wants to hear some more songs about ping pong? Literally nobody. You know what though, Operator Please's last album, Gloves, is one of the best released by an Australian act in the last decade. And one of the most underrated too. I was sad to see these guys and gals had taken an extended hiatus and released some side projects, but here's me saying get the band back together Gold Coast kids! Which I know doesn't mean much, but come on. Do it.

Sneaky Sound Sytem

I was surprised we didn't hear something new from the Sneaky ones after Connie features as Seal's sidekick on The Voice. They didn't even let her sing on the show, right? Feel free to correct me, I didn't watch that much of it. Anyway, maybe 2014 will be the right time for Sneaky Sound System to release their next album. Miss Connie's voice and incredible stage presence continues to keep them at the top of Australia's crop of dance artists and we really need someone to say, hey Havana Brown, this is how it's done, now put some pants on.

Tame Impala

This is supposedly confirmed, but if the mighty Wikipedia doesn't say it is, I ain't buying it. Still, Tame Impala would be a most welcome sight on the 'future releases' schedule. They won the ARIA Award for Album of the Year for Lonerism last year and have recently been nominated for a Grammy in the alternative category. Consider this a late 2014 possibility.

Texas Tea

If we get word that our favourite Brisbane act are releasing something new, I'm pretty sure it will be considered our most anticipated release of the year. I'm talking drool and possible mouth foaming here people. Texas Tea are just that good. You might remember them from such past blog posts as the Top 112 Songs of 2012, in which they came in at NUMBER ONE with 'Heart Says Yes (Head Says No), or their Best Group and Australian Artist of the Year Scene Award wins. They also scored a nomination at the QMA's in 2013 for Album of the Year. We remain their biggest tea bags and would love, love, love to hear some new music in 2014.

The Temper Trap

I just saw that The Temper Trap are definitely releasing their third studio album in 2014. So yay. I guess.


Reece Mastin

Oh no, definitely no Mastin "jams" to be played here thanks you very much. Reece, you'll never be as cool as Simba, but Scar's message is something you should take to heart. Stick to your AMF Bowling Ads and sexting scandals. Just don't release any new music. In fact, the only thing I'd like you to release in 2014 is that nice girl from Home and Away. She seems like a sweet kid.

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  1. We should get a new album from Wally de Backer this year - but as part of The Basics trio (they've already booked studio time at Abbey Road). A smart move in my opinion. He gets to write and record some new tunes with his mates, put on his rock hat for a year or two, and let the Gotye juices gestate in the background. My money is on the next Gotye album in 2017/18.


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