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Gig Review - Little Day In 2014

Katie hit the jackpot at the Little Day In with Cash Savage, Gay Paris and Stella Angelico!

Live @ The Joynt, Brisbane (18/01/13)
Review by Katie Langley

I spent my Saturday afternoon and evening with my two favourite things: music and beards. Who knew that The Joynt’s Little Day In would attract so much luscious facial hair? But I digress. Little Day In was pitched as an intimate alternative to Big Day Out. I didn’t realise just how intimate things would get until a little later into the evening. Sure, it was busy, but nothing like that tidal wave crowd you can find yourself fighting all day at a Big Day Out. There were no long lines to the bar or bathroom, and I didn’t come away with any awkward sunburn on the top of my head. In fact, no sunburn at all. Music, beards, and no sunburn – it’s the holy trinity, right?



Melbourne’s Flap! had me intrigued right from the get go. I mean, it’s not Flap, it’s Flap! A band hell bent on including an exclamation mark into their name has to be interesting. That theory turned out to be true. And I should clarify that I mean interesting in the best possible way. Not like when you come home from a date and answer “interesting” with a scratch of the head when asked how it went. I thought I had Flap!’s (that looks wrong, but let’s go with it) sound figured out, but each song brought something new . After all, the five piece sight influences from 1920s jazz, Gypsy brass, English Folk and Trinidadian Calypso. It really was fantastic.

Vocals duties are shared between ukulele playing Jess Guille and trumpet playing Eamon McNelis. Jess shares a lot of similarities with Lily Allen – cute, soft vocal delivery with lyrics that pack a punch. She smiled and popped the whole time, and it was really quite infectious. Eamon was a much less wanky Michael Buble type, with a really hypnotic jazz swagger. Look, the whole band were amazing – the trombone was exceptional.

Highlight for me was during ‘Billy Hunt’, a song about a convict attempting to escape Port Arthur dressed as a kangaroo. There’s a point during the song where Eamon sings a series of jump’s and hops’, to which the audience very diligently obeyed.

Stella Angelico

What a voice! But first I need to paint the picture. Stella looked every bit the sexy Sandra Dee kitted out in skin tight black pants, red heels and big hair. She most certainly had the attitude to match as she grooved and rolled her hips through the set. It was a little Amy Winehouse, with a load more femininity. Stella seemed at home on stage, so it was unsurprising for me to find out that performing runs in her family - her mother is a cabaret singer, and father a magician.

Stella was every bit the soul powerhouse. And she really did give it her all – her hips shook violently the entire time, and vocals were delivered with such force. Favourite track for me was 'Mister' where she called out a, “nasty piece of work.” I was caught between the desire to thrust my hips and throw a drink in someone’s face.

Cash Savage and The Last Drinks

I read a review which described front woman Cash Savage as having a, “baby-faced Elvis pout and wounded blues growl.” After witnessing her in action, I can’t think of a more perfect description. Her banter between songs had me thinking she’d be the perfect companion for a quiet drink, but mid song there was definite strength and boldness that signaled she isn’t someone to mess with.

Cash Savage and The Last Drinks could be described as dark country blues. Their music is refreshingly honest, and at times heart breaking. I think it’s fairly safe to say that this is a band we’ll be hearing more from.

Gay Paris

After seeing Gay Paris several times now I think I’ve figured out the prime vantage point. I like to get up nice and close, but not close enough that I get caught when all hell inevitably breaks loose. Perhaps I’m biased, but I just don’t think anyone brings the party like Gay Paris do.

It’s important to note that at this point in the proceeding it was 8:30pm, and punters had enjoyed a good eight hours of drinking. Why not bring on the heaviest band of the day who enjoy nudity, thrusting, and just having a fucking good time? There were a few technical hiccups, but no one in the crowd seemed to mind – it provided the perfect opportunity for front man Wailin H to bust out a few rhymes.

Musically, was it the best I have seen them? No. Did I give a shit? No. The live experience is just as important with Gay Paris and they always deliver that in droves. Highlights included; guitarist Black Tooth rocking out on a shelf only to rip it off the wall, Wailin H being undressed by the audience (there was the intimacy that was promised), Six Guns looking daper in a cowboy hat, and Slim Pickins doing an impressive moon walk.

Juke Baritone and The Swamp Dogs

Describing Juke Baritone and the Swamp Dogs is certainly a challenge, and perhaps near impossible. Their sound was gypsy, folk, and maybe even a little pirate. Seriously! It was an eclectic show, with loads of band members and a whole stack of instruments. A real feast for the senses.

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