Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Song Review - Bows And Arrows

Bows And Arrows 
by Kaiser Chiefs
Album: Education, Education, Education and War (March 31, 2014)

Ok, let’s just make it clear from the very beginning; I love the Kaiser Chiefs. I love their English brand of rock, I love the accent of frontman Ricky Wilson who can’t hide his cute lil' Leeds-ish voice amongst his quirky rock singing style. I love the solid wall of guitar, bass and drums that they play simply and don’t hide from. I love guitarist Andrew 'Whitey' White and his lil' English haircut and his enthusiasm and his quirky smile. I love the sing along line "we the people created equal" that I just know is going to get stuck in this little rock girl mind of mine at some stage. 

Whether you think they have been a rock band on their way out or a band that have stuck with what they know, they are a straight forward rock band, with a straight forward style and ‘Bow And Arrows’ is nothing more and nothing less than the English rock they have always been so very good at. With a sweet little injection of keys that give it an almost 70s feel, ‘Bows And Arrows’ is a simple rock song with a simple rock beat and like they suggest with the lyrics; a bow is useless without an arrow and I’m going to say I think that English rock is useless without the Kaiser Chiefs.

Jo Michelmore gives 'Bows And Arrows' three and a half Jack White heads out of five...

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