Saturday, 4 January 2014

Song Review - Dogs And Liars

Dogs And Liars
By Anise

One of the best things about writing on a music blog is that when people find out what you do, they start talking music to you. This happened to my fellow blogger Nayt recently and through a series of conversations, he stumbled across a Brisbane artist, Anise. How glad I am that as bloggers, we chat music, because through a series of conversations, he introduced me to the talent that is Carly Dickinson, who you shall know as Anise.

Now, let me make it clear, I don't know much about this Anise/Carly person and google didn't tell me much more, but sometimes it can be good not to know so much and just appreciate. There's a lot of appreciation for this moody little track 'Dogs And Liars'. A few seconds in, a few notes of keyboard and I'm convinced this is a track I'm going to like. Transported to a place much cooler than where I'm writing this from, 'Dogs And Liars' is spooky, almost scary, a little uncomfortable. There's a scene in a movie somewhere, a tense shot in shadows of an urban landscape and someone has had their heart broken and someone else is in trouble and someone's going to run somewhere in slow motion and this is going to be the song that's played and it's the one that will take your breath away while you wait for your favourite character to fall to their knees, with their hands in the air as clouds gather and lightning strikes, or something. I'm not a film maker, I write on a blog, remember?

There's something else I want to say and I get to, 'cause I'm writing here and you're reading. I'm thinking if Massive Attack and Amy Lee of Evanescence had a baby, Anise might be it. You can make what you want of that, but in order to make such a call, you're going to have to listen. If you're really cool, you'll even head over to Anise on bandcamp and give her a dollar. Which you probably should, so I can stop making weird comparisons and you can make your own. Go on.

Jo Michelmore gives Dogs And Liars three The xx heads out of five...

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