Friday, 31 January 2014

Song Review - Lonely Arms

Lonely Arms
by Our Man In Berlin
EP: due 2014!?!?!

Dear Our Man In Berlin,

Like, come on guys. I understand things don't always go to plan. I understand that sometimes things are worth the wait. I understand that your EP is going to be a little late, but, like, really? How do you expect me to happily wait to hear it all when you release such incredible songs like this one? 

I actually don't know how you do it. How can you make something so minimal sound so full? How you can turn a few little instruments into four minutes of addiction is completely beyond me and exactly why I need an EP. There's a steady build to this track and such a sudden stop that gets me every single time, and there have been many single times. Oh, and that vocal...urgh, shivers in all the good ways. ALL the good ways.

"Who needs saving?" Me please, with an EP. From you. You're so freakin' good I demand more and I don't think I can wait much longer. 'Lonely Arms' is awesome, but it only makes me want more and I want it now.

Please and thank you. Yours sincerely and patiently awaiting your response via EP,


PS Jo Michelmore gives 'Lonely Arms' four and a half Thom Yorke heads out of five...

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