Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Song Review - Younger

by Seinabo Sey

Sweden has been one of the main go-to countries for incredible pop music since the turn of the millennium. The reinvention of Robyn is one of my personal favourite success stories, but there are also names like The Tallest Man On Earth, The Knife, Lykke Li, Little Dragon in the picture too. That’s not even mentioning the US chart success of Icona Pop and Avicii over the past year. Yep, Sweden sure has come a long way from the days of Ace of Bass and Rednex. Anyway, we already have the answer to which new Swedish act will make an impact in 2014. Her name is Seinabo Sey and the song you want stuck in your head is ‘Younger’.

Sey’s voice is incredible and sits comfortably alongside modern talents like Emeli Sandé and Sharon Jones. I know that comparisons can be unfair to the artist, but if someone was to describe my singing talents as similar to Sandé and Jones instead of William Hung and Rebecca Black, I’d be pretty happy. ‘Younger’ is packed full of soulful energy that extends to the light electronic backing. While the music does build nicely throughout, your attention is directed where it rightfully belongs – Sey’s powerful voice and words.

The central empowering message isn’t delivered in the standard, melodramatic way. Instead, Seinabo is pretty much telling the listener there’s no better time than the present to go for what you want. “There is a way to be yourself, I assure you this, there’s a way to catch your dreams without falling asleep, you might as well get it while you can, babe, cause you know you ain’t getting any younger, younger, younger, are you?” No. No you are not. Unless your name is Benjamin Button. Which it is not! This soulful, Swedish voice is one I’m going to be paying very close attention to from here on in.

Matt Bond gives 'Younger' four Beyonce heads out of five...

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