Tuesday, 21 January 2014

The Medicine Cabinet #3

Music Is My Medicine
by Nayt Housman

Music is my medicine. Is it yours? I ask the public six golden questions to find out if and how they use music to feed the soul.

I was in the city when I met my next victim working retail. He had the usual “this job is eating my soul” look so I thought I’d find out how he refuels.

This is Aedin, he’s 20 and his life passion is travelling. He asked if this was a legit life passion to which I responded “HELL YES!”                           

Who flicks your on switch and turns up the volume?  

Aiden: I haven’t been getting into new music lately but I have been into a bit of hip hop. Have you heard of Horrorshow? He just does it for me.

Why is he the pill that cures your ills?

Aiden: Well I feel like I can relate to him, he feels like he just sorta tells it how it is a little bit. The beats are always good. I feel like my head’s boppin, my feet are tappin, like yeahhhh…

What kind of high does it give you?

Aiden: It’s sort of like a really ‘feel good’ high. Like you just want to get up and start dancing and moving or something like that.

When do you find yourself craving musical relief?

Aiden: Some sort of tedious jobs, after that it’s always good, especially work. Long drives, um...an argument, something like that? I dunno. Just something to let it all out 'n' sort of kick back 'n' chill to or even get up 'n' dance if you like wanna punch something *lols*. Yeah it’s a release.

Where does music take you?

Aiden: That’s a bit of a tough one. Um I s’pose if I wanna like listen to some funky music, it takes me to the clubs, I guess or out to the valley or something but normally if I’m home it just takes me away. It’s always somewhere different, somewhere good.

How do you share your music love?

Aiden: S’pose it’s probably a lot just through word of mouth. I used to play drums and that used to be so good ay, have a good old bash but I haven’t really got into much lately at all which is a bit depressing…other than that it’s more of a personal thing rather than a shared experience.

You don’t need to be into a lot of music to appreciate or reap its benefits. Sometimes a little hip hop is all one needs in order to feel the buzz and let off some steam after a long days work.

I shall dub this 'The Laxative Effect'; music that gets one moving and allows the waste of the day to be expelled from the system.

Doctor Nayt’s prescription for the relief of daily work related and other such stresses is to take one dose of Horrorshow at least an hour before eating and lie down for half an hour without anyone to harass you. Take it easy kids.

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