Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Video Review - Two Moon Love

Two Moon Love
by Pigeon
EP: Settle In (out 24 January, 2014)

Australian indie acts have a knack for finding creative teams to create video clips for them that have a certain ‘sleek and stylish’ quality to them that national major label releases are sorely lacking in. The latest example comes in the form of ‘Two Moon Love’, the second single from Pigeon’s new EP, Settle In. I’m not going to tell you that the story within is a Christopher Nolan-esque work of art, but the cinematography is all class and the dark tones, dancing party people and sex factor (as in, people be getting it on) match the song perfectly. It’s important to keep in mind that this is a music video and not a major motion picture, so you’re not expecting to sit down and watch a mini version of Inception. You’re expecting to see something that makes the experience of listening to the track even better and Miki Clarke (director), Francis Thompson (cinematographer) and their team have definitely accomplished that. Here’s hoping we get to see a lot more of their work very soon.

And as for Pigeon, once you’ve had a listen to ‘Two Moon Love’, you’re probably going to be wanting to hear a whole lot more from them too. That new EP I mentioned, Settle In? It’s out this Friday. Get excited (pew pew gun shots etc.).

Matt Bond gives the 'Two Moon Love' video four Kylie heads out of five...


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