Thursday, 9 January 2014

Where Is My Mind? - Work, Unemployment, My Exploding Face

December. It was a busy month. Look at all those x's. Also, how cool was my calendar last year?

And My Least Favourite Night Of The Year
by Jo Michelmore

Hey! You! You over there! Hi! How are you? Happy New Year and all that stuff. Blurgh, whatever with all that. It's been a while, hasn't it? Ok, it's been a little over a month, but a month is such a long time and I know you're just dying to know what's been going on in my mind all this time. So, just for you, I'm going to re-live all of it and since we're celebrating Australian music all through January, I'm going to do that with an Australian music soundtrack. I'm not going to guarantee the quality or talent of the music and musicians, but I don't guarantee the quality of my mind either, so here goes.

The first week of December, I had a little holiday. Not everyone calls being unemployed a holiday. I was in between jobs, shut up! Anyway, it was during this mini summer holiday I had an interesting conversation with a friend about one particular Australian musician, who was very popular in Australia at about the same time a musician who is popular now, was born. That current musician happens to be the person I left you with last year. This friend of mine (hi Adam!) is convinced that the Australian musician I'm starting 2014 with had a song that everyone remembers (you know it, I know it, we all know it...."we'll go ridin on the horses, yeah-eah...") but he also had another not-quite-as-memorable song, which my friend says is a better song. A MUCH better song. Controversial, especially if you were alive in the early 90s. This musician? Daryl Braithwaite. The song? One that describes my first week of December and my self inflicted unemployed holiday...

The second week of December? That involved my return to the workforce and writing for this blog and even though I'm not going to complain too hard, because I like this blog and returning to the workforce isn't as hard when you kinda like your job (Aghast! I know! I like my job? How rare!) the thought of having to show up somewhere five days a week was a little shocking. How do I jump from Daryl Braithwaite? I jump to another Australian band whose name, like Braithwaite, begins with B...

Those Butterfingers kids, they were popular for minute there weren't they? Personally, I wasn't so sad when they split in 09, but that was the same year a song was released which describes my third week of December. This was one week I never expected. I did something I've done a bazillion times before, without problem. In fact, I've done it so much, I even wrote about it last year. I got my hair dyed. What's the problem? I'm allergic to hair dye now, apparently. My hair was black but my face swelled up like Precious, it was my scalp! It burned! It burned like Jessica Mauboy said in 09...

Which brings us to the very end of December, which every single year insists on containing my least favourite night of the year (although this year was spent with my fellow blogger Nayt and some champagne and was much better than expected) but it was also that week contained another return to work...yes, while the rest of the world, that is, the whole wide world (I never exaggerate) was on holidays I was back at my new job, working...working...working and K-Tizz suggested the perfect song to describe that feeling. How do I link The Living End and Jessica Mauboy? I don't particularly like either of them, that's how I link them. Deal with that. It's a new year, my mind can link things anyway I want. This is MY mind. Imagine if they were all in the same band. The Mauboy End, I shudder to think. 

December, it was so long ago and I'm kind of glad it's done. No work, work, exploded face, worst night of the year. Now that you've caught up on all of that, imagine where we might go with my mind in 2014!?! Somewhere far away from The Mauboy End, that's for sure. 

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