Sunday, 23 February 2014

Song Review - All Honesty

All Honesty
by Foreign/National

Groove. It’s got it. Straight away. With its punchy organ with zippy little bass licks over the top, I was moving my head straight away to ‘All Honesty’ (and I may or may not have been pouting and trying to look cool. No one was around except my cat, so let’s say my cat thought I looked cool). This new single from Foreign/National is a tight and joyous ride. The rhythm reigns supreme here with its quick and upbeat journey. There is also a vocal break midway that puts the trip momentarily on hold to regroup the sound together again. Always a good choice for a track with this much going on.

With lots of vocal effects and loops and pedals throughout, ‘All Honesty’ owns its musical psychadelia with a fresh and progressive take. The lyrics “I can’t see where you fit into all this mess” suggest a kaleidoscope of emotional baggage that sends one around the bend. A jilted lover perhaps? Or a disillusioned soul wanting some answers? Whatever your take, this song will get you moving.

Perhaps my favourite aspect of this groovy little outfit is their ability to cook the right blend of jazzy chords and buoyant beats into something quite new and original. ‘All Honesty’ is a great example of creating a jazz vibe with a whole other sound. The layering here gives the song an almost lounge mood but make no mistake. This is no “sit-back-and-lose-yourself” kind of track. With its delicious warped, trippy soundscapes and beats skimming the water like a flat stone on a still lake, this song demands you to move.

So pop on your shoes and get your dance on.

Lou Endicott gives 'All Honesty' four Michael Hutchence heads out of five...

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