Friday, 21 February 2014

Song Review - All Messed Up

All Messed Up
by Tales In Space
Album: TBA Debut Album (???, 2014)

I've decided what I like the most about Tales In Space is that they are fun. The couple of songs I've heard in the past have been fun. The duo is made up of Luke Bert and Pieman. Admit it. That's not only fun, it's funny. Let's say Pieman again. Pieman! Their new track 'All Messed Up' is more fun than a clown on fire. I, like most sane people/horror film fans, hate clowns... so that's really fun. When Luke and Pieman (it gets better each time you say it) were picking out a band name, it must have been annoying that 'fun' was taken by a band that is mostly lacking in what their title is selling, but Tales In Space as a name is all kinds of fun too. I'm going to stop saying fun now.

'All Messed Up' has killer guitar grooves that were made to start those feet tapping along as Tales In Space reel you in and there's some surprisingly smooth vocals amongst all the electronic goodness. "What do you mean by, 'surprisingly', seƱor?" Did you think you'd be describing some dudes named Bert and Pieman as having smooth-ish vocal tones today? No. No you did not. What I found really interesting about 'All Messed Up' is the story in the song. The first time you listen to the track you'll bop around to the music. Then you'll pay attention to the lyrics a bit more with each subsequent listen and the reality that the word picture being painted isn't all rainbows and unicorns.

There's a hugely welcome depth to 'All Messed Up' and that unexpected depth is becoming somewhat of a Tales In Space trademark and it's what will have you coming back for more. Just because the music makes you think, "WOOOOO," doesn't automatically class it as cookie-cutter pop. Luke Bert and Pieman? These guys are good. And a whole lot of fun.

P.s. FUN!

P.p.s PIEMAN!!! 

Matt Bond gives 'All Messed Up' four Boy George heads out of five...

Tales In Space will be taking 'All Messed Up' on the road in March and you can catch them live on the east coast. Dates below! 


6 March - Surfers Beer Garden, QLD
7 March - Alhambra Lounge - Brisbane, QLD
8 March - Sol Bar - Sunshine Coast, QLD

9 March - The Brewery - Byron Bay, NSW

14 March - Ding Dong Lounge - Melbourne, VIC
15 March - Torquay Hotel - Torquay, VIC

27 March - Brass Monkey - Cronulla, NSW
29 March - Beresford - Sydney, NSW
30 March - Small Ballroom - Newcastle, NSW

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