Monday, 10 February 2014

Song Review - Funn

by Cash + David

It must just be a special talent I have. You know, that talent for stumbling across mysterious duos from halfway across the world from me. This pair, from London, call themselves Cash + David. Don't ask me if that's a Cash plus David or a Cash and David or maybe it's just Cash ignore the middle bit David, but whatever they call themselves, I'm really, really glad the internet exists and I stumbled across them from the other side of the world.

The electronic goodness these two have made for their debut single 'Funn' (I do not know what the two N's mean either, so many questions...) is addictive. The vocals of the girl part of this duo (I don't know if she's Cash or David, who am I to judge?) are laid back, delivered in such a non-chalant manner it's easy to forget they're layered atop crunchy guitars and some kind of 80's synth sounds. Is it easy going or is it harsh and strong? Well, it's a little of both, which is what makes it so mesmerising and something I think I love. 

Now back to the name and that special talent of mine. Who is Cash and who is David? Why do I like duos from the UK so much? Are their names Cash and David or are Cash and David pseudonyms for other uninteresting names? Are Cash and David fictional charachters? So many questions, I really hope they release some more elctro goodness soon so I can ask all the questions, find all the answers and share them with you. Meanwhile, I'm just going to press play again...

Jo Michelmore gives 'Funn' three and a half The xx heads out of five...

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