Sunday, 2 February 2014

Song Review - Goodbye Future

Goodbye Future
by The Presets

Oh, take me to a dance floor and take me now. It's dark with quick flashes of light, in every colour imaginable and it's lines of sweat running down your back and it's probably a beverage, something coloured in a tall glass, or something clear in a short glass with the tiny straw thrown on the ground because how annoying are those things anyway? It's moving in ways that aren't really natural and it's handbags on the floor, hands in the air and keep your hands to yourself please, or maybe not. It's hand claps and it's catchy and it's a little bit 90s while everyone is busy being a little bit 80s and it's better than the best night you remember and it hurts a lot more in the morning than you expected at midnight. It's The Presets and it's everything The Presets are: fun and beats and noise and goodbye future I've got some dancing to do and I'm not doing it then I'm doing it now.

Jo Michelmore gives 'Goodbye Future' four Presets heads out of five...

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