Thursday, 20 February 2014

Song Review - Lovers In Bloom

Lovers In Bloom
by Harts
Album: Untitled (due sometime really soon, please?)

When we counted down our Top 113 songs of 2013 late last year, there were very few songs that all five of us here at It's My Kind Of Scene agreed on. One of the few that we all adored was by Harts and although it's early in the year, I'm going to make a prediction now and say that there's probably going to be a couple more Harts tracks in this year's countdown and after listening to this one three or four times in a row already, I think I can safely assume he's going to make a lot of end of year wrap ups, not just ours, at the end of 2014.

'Lovers In Bloom' contains all the things that make a pop song so incredibly good. It's a funk filled festival of grooves, some chunky guitar work that makes me want to pick up the guitar in the corner of my room (and play, although I could look quite good just holding it, I suppose), beats that make me want to dance across my room (I'm not guaranteeing how good I look doing that), a bass line any fan of funk will want to just eat up and the vocal? This guy's vocal is from another time, another place, where music is made to dance to, where there's a party every night, everyone is dressed well and no one has any worries. It makes me smile knowing there's someone making music like this, because while there is a current popular resurgence for retro/motown/funk/disco sounding pop, people like Harts are showing the world how it really should be done.

Jo Michelmore gives 'Lovers In Bloom' four Beyonce heads out of five...

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