Sunday, 23 February 2014

Song Review - Maryanne

by Millar Jukes And The Bandits

What is it about Millar Jukes that just hits the nail on the head for me? There is something authentically vintage and real about the sound that he and The Bandits create that reels me in immediately. Late last year I reviewed his single ‘All Night Long’. It’s still a staple on my list of songs to elevate my mood and put the light into the night.

Millar Jukes and the Bandits’ latest single ‘Maryanne’ could easily be a cover of a Lynyrd Skynyrd song with its beautiful southern hard rock sound and bold yet measured guitar licks. ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ (perhaps Lyrnyd Skynyrd’s biggest hit) is one of my favourite 70s rock standards with its rolling kick and soaring vocals. I was reminded of it instantly with ‘Maryanne’. Millar Jukes obviously is well versed in Americana alternate country music and recreates his own here with the help of his band – The Bandits - with sophistication and much grunt.

I first listened to ‘Maryanne’ through headphones just as I was getting off a train. As I hit the escalators on the platform the guitar solo came in. Goosebumps enveloped me as the sweet and soaring guitar filled my ear drums. The fact that I was literally rising up (on said escalator) was a bonus. This is a feel good song through and through. I am always on the search for songs that put the spring in my step and a smile on my face. ‘Maryanne’ does just that.

This song is simple in its intent. It’s a sassy tribute to the object of one’s affection: in this case Maryanne. Maryanne is the one who is just out of reach, put on a pedestal and yearned for by all who know her. The girl they want. The girl you might want to be. It’s romanticised and idealised and fits well in this genre of music. Millar Juke’s raw and real voice is icing to the cake. It’s easy to listen to without any pretention or sense of self-importance. The simple story is delivered with heart and more than a big dash of skill.

With lyrics I can’t help but want to sing along to; “Come one Maryanne I just wanna see you dance,  come on girl say hit that floor and just give me that chance, come one Maryanne I just wanna see you move, take my hand girl, take my heart and take me home with you” Millar ticks many of the right boxes. Rootsy, bluesy with plenty of sexy guitar and thumping drums, this song is best played up loud – I suggest with plenty of people around and a couple of cold ones to get the party on.

So, if, like me you are a fan of new vintage, grab some friends, a couple of beverages and turn it up!

Lou Endicott gives 'Maryanne' five Johnny Cash heads out of five...

Millar Jukes is launching this fantastic new single on Thursday, 27th February at The Workers Club in Melbourne and you can check out the important details here.

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