Friday, 7 February 2014

Song Review - Planets

by Little Earthquakes
EP: Universal Mind (due April 2014)

Oh, oh…I get it. I see what’s going on here. It starts one way, then gives you a surprise, then another, then you don't expect what happens next and you got yourself a pop song. It’s as if rocky road was a song. Like sweet, sweet chocolate, they suckered me in with a little guitar and made me think I was in for a little acoustic indie pop song, but they threw in some marshmallow-ey electro-tricky vocal effects, combined them with jelly gooey synth sounds and suddenly it's a little dance number, but with the swinging indie feel sticking around like salty nuts. Before I could make much sense of the taste sensation of it all they threw in a ska-reggae party sound and suddenly it's like everyone is dancing with drinks that have pretty straws in them.

I'm kind of getting hungry, so let's say 'Planets' is tasty, full of flavour and I thought I had my tastebuds around it all, but just when it started to make sense, three quarters of the way in, a Daft Punk-like vocal sound appeared like a shot of liqeuer and suddenly the best rocky road song I’ve ever heard became even more delicious than I thought it was with the first bite. 

What is this little recipe for a super catchy pop song? Who are Little Earthquakes? I have absolutely no idea, but I’ve figured out their secret ingredient. Chuck a “la-di-da” in there and I’m singing this four minute tasty combination of a pop song for hours afterward. It’s mouth-watering pop music which is only the start for this little Australian duo and like the best chocolate rocky road, why yes, I will have a little more, thank you. I may also head on over to the Little Earthquake facebook page so I can get myself some pop-song-rocky-road-deliciousness for FREE! You probably should too.

Jo Michelmore gives 'Planets' four Presets heads out of five...

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