Saturday, 15 February 2014

Song Review - Similar Circles

Similar Circles
by Tincture
EP: Tryst (due 2014)

Well well well, isn't this a pleasant little surprise? When you think of Australian electronic music, Tincture probably isn't a name you think of first. There's a whole bunch of names that are probably good, but let's be honest, don't really deserve to be in that little electronic loving portion of your brain. Never mind, that will change soon enough. That little portion of brain is going to be filled with Tincture once you hear the beautiful track from this Brisbane based artist.

'Similar Circles' is a track of understated awesome. Building from a simple sound of desperation, the synths and sounds are layered and layered and layered to a point of tension, there’s a sense of delightful nervous until the warped vocal kicks in, which only makes that original feeling of desperation more and more intense. The beats drive the nervousness, the percussion is hypnotic and somehow a song that seems so subtle is more powerfully addictive than I ever imagined with first listen.

That little electronic part of my brain, which is probably not actually that little, is happy when it hears sounds like these. It's even happier when the sounds filling it are sounds from my hometown and if Tincture releases an EP as good as this sometime this year, that little portion of brain isn't going to cope. In the best way possible.

Jo Michelmore gives 'Similar Circles' three and a half The xx heads out of five...

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