Friday, 14 February 2014

Song Review - Far From View

Far From View
by Jack Colwell and The Owls
Available from Bandcamp

Well this is the best thing you're going to listen to and see today. Jack Colwell's new single 'Far From View' is a total knockout of a track, with a brilliantly shot video to go with it. There's a nice, long build to Colwell's first words that completely sucks you in. When he does start singing about hearts broken in two and light shining through, his voice all deep and full of equal parts charisma and mystery, you understand why Jack Colwell is often favourably compared to Nick Cave. 'Far From View' succeeds in its mission to take listeners on a 'journey of heartache' (so happy Valentine's Day, everyone!) and it's one journey you'll find yourself taking over and over again. You'll be asking yourself why you can't get a YouTube video to permanently repeat. 

You'll notice the voices of some lovely ladies throughout the song. What a surprise to learn it's the choir from the Australian production of Karen O's Stop the Virgens - a Psycho Opera! With the choir, the strings and Colwell's guitar work, there's so much to love musically about 'Far From View'. And then there's the video, a young girl's sexual awakening on prom night. Given the clothing choices of the fellas in the clip, one would assume it's set in the 80s. It's another fantastic video for an Australian act (Australia really is on a roll at the moment) and one you won't be able to take your eyes off. The drama of it is completely in line with the song and does what a video should - sell the song! 

This is just really great work from Sydney's Jack Colwell and The Owls. You've got to believe there's a bright future ahead for Colwell and I can't wait to hear more from him in 2014. 

Matt Bond gives 'Far From View' five Nick Cave heads out of five...

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