Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The Medicine Cabinet #8

The Medicine Cabinet Probes Terri
by Nayt Housman

Music is my medicine. Is it yours? I ask the public six golden questions to find out if and how they use music to feed the soul.

No one is safe from the clutches of Dr Nayt’s probing brain. In some situations it just takes control of his body! It even has him talking in third person… Ahem. So anyway, I caught up with a fellow photographer recently and in amongst tech geek chats and conjuring ideas, I thought, “What a perfect time to do some music probing!” So Dr Nayt reared his curious head and said, “Terri. I need to know what makes you tick. How old are you and what is your loife passionne?” To which Terri responded, “*Nervously laughs* Ummm 35… My life passion is taking PHOTOGRAPHS!” A girl after my own heart… Then I said, “Roight, lets talk music.”

Terri by Nayt Housman

Thinking of music as medicine...

Who flicks your switch and turns up the volume?

Terri: That’s so hard it’s mood dependent but I’d say Boho… No no not Boho, Bobonos… No no Bono? NOT BONO, let me check! Let me check my phone… Bonobo! HA!

Why are they the pill that cures your ills?

Terri: It’s just ambient and relaxing, beautiful and… EVERYTHING!

What kind of high does it give you?

Terri: A very joyous high, yeah, it puts my sparkle back *laughs*.

Then there’s me making magic wand noises… So profesh.

When do you find yourself craving musical relief?

Terri: It would have to be when I feel out of my skin.

Where does music take you?

Terri: Takes me to a place internally that’s expressive, visual, creative, and joyous.

How do you share your music love? 

Terri: I share it with everybody! I share it on social media, verbally, when I’m out and whenever I hear what I like.


There are a few bands in my realm of love that need so few words to describe them because it often just seems like describing them would somehow take away from the experience they give me. Almost like I want to share them though I don’t want anyone else’s experience tainted by me shoving them in their face with unneeded words. Also, often my response when asked about these groups is just so succinct I don’t feel there is need for elaboration, it’s about the discovery and the look of love and joy for the music that is sprawled across my face that's enough. AND hell, sometimes the music is just so damn good it doesn’t need any words itself!

I shall dub this “The Painting Effect”. A picture says a thousand words and so does a face, so do soundscapes. Need I say more? I feel as though some narratives are meant to be written from the inside and never let out. Stories change over time as we grow and begin to interpret differently. Music can be the canvas you paint internally and when words become important, they are succinct and delivered efficiently.

Doctor Nayt’s prescription for this week is specifically targeted at those in industries that require a lot of speaking. Word pollution as I like to call it in my retail job. When the load has become too much, find yourself a quiet corner and breathe in the Bonobo ether. Breathe deep and visualise only what is important, take the piles of useless words you’ve been bombarded with and put them away for use at a later time. Breathe out and repeat. Do this as you feel necessary. Didn’t you know I’m a spiritual healer too now? Ommmmmmmmm…

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